In Rhodes town, there are many cafes, such as the cafe-bar "Milos" where one can have juice, coffee, ouzo or wine with tidbits and play backgammon or cards. The pastry shops sell delicious traditional sweets like "kataifi" or "baklava" and the local "belekounia", a kind of sesame and honey sweet. The island's restaurants and tavernas serve food for every taste. Rhodes town has a number of fast-food as well as souvlaki and pizza places. In the picturesque narrow alleyways of the medieval town, one can taste traditional dishes. In the modern town, there are Chinese, French, Danish, and Cypriot restaurants. The quiet little tavernas serve local specialties like "hilopites" and delicious "mousaka". The best among them are "Kioupia" at Ixia, "Manzavino", "Astra", "Costas", "Epta Piges" in a wooded area, and the floating restaurant of Mandraki with its magnificent view. In the medieval town, one should go to "Alexis", "Dinoris", "Hippocrates", and "Fotis". There are also more luxurious restaurants like "La Rotisserie" at the "Rodos Palas" hotel. An excursion to beautiful Ialissos can be combined with dinner at "Arhontiko of Monsignore" or at "Xenomania" at Lindos. One should not fail to visit the village of Afandou to taste casserole meat, cooked in earthenware pots with potatoes and onions or the famous "pitaroudia". Meals should be washed down with excellent local wines like the dry "Ilios" and "Grand Maitre", or the dry red "Chevalier de Rhodos". One should finish with fresh fruit, which is grown on the island.