Afandou is one of the largest villages of Rhodes. It has a population of 5,600 inhabitants and is situated 21 km south of the island's capital. It was built during the years of the raids from Saracene pirates and it still maintains its traditional architecture. The most significant site on the village is the church of Catholic Mary, built upon the ruins of a paleo-christian basilica. Here, the visitor can admire frescoes (17th - 18th century), a small collection of holy books, icons, pictures of Archbishops, as well as small historic archives.


PhotoThe picturesque village of Faliraki is set 16 km south of Rhodes and, together with the neigbouring village of Kalithies, has 400 inhabitants. It used to be one of the most famous naval ports in the Mediterranean. Today, it is a significant tourist resort with a well-organized beach which attracts many tourists every summer. From there, one can visit the celebrated Erimokastro and the remains of fortification walls dating from the Mycenean period. Of particular note are: the cave of Kalamona, which is of great archaeological interest, and the chapel of the prophet Amos.


PHOTOThe picturesque settlement of Haraki is situated 15 km north of Lindos. The few houses are built on the edge of the inlet. The settlement's long and sandy beach makes the area a significant touristic resort for Lindos, and it is one of the island's best resorts. Near Haraki stands the Faraklou Castle, one of the best fortified fortresses in Rhodes.


PHOTOThe beautiful town of Ialissos, situated 10 km southeast of Rhodes is one of the best resorts in Greece. The town is also called Trianda after a statue which was found there. The town has been inhabited ever since the ancient years, a fact supported by invaluable findings from excavations in the surrounding area. In recent years, the town has become a resort, attracting swarms of tourists in the summer. The town has many beautiful buildings, among which stands the church of the Dormation of the Virgin Mary (18th century) with pebbled yard and a beautiful icon stand. From Ialissos, one should visit the area of the ancient city and the Monastery of Panagia Filerimou, which was built by the Knights in the 15th century. Next to it stands the chapel of Agios Georgios Hostos, built in the 15th century.


PHOTOThe beautiful settlement of Kalithea is situated 11 km south of Rhodes. The picturesque houses and the beautiful beach attract many tourists in the summer. The most significant part of Kalithea is the area of Thermes, where one can see the spas built during the Italian Rule, according to the architectural style of the colonies. The spas have attract many visitors until recently, but today they are not open to crowds for technical reasons, although plans are being made for their restoration and operation.


PHOTOThe small village of Katavia is situated 83 km southwest of Rhodes. According to legend, it was named after Katavos, the ruler who built it. The 400 inhabitants are occupied with stock-breeding and farming, cultivating the surrounding areas with garden products and cereal. The village is dominated by the beautiful church of Agia Paraskevi. From Katavia, one should visit Prassonissi, situated 7.5 km south, to admire the beautiful sunset.


PHOTOThe lovely town of Lindos lies on the island's east side, 50 km from Rhodes town, and has about 1,000 inhabitants. On its picturesque streets, the renovated "Captain's residences" of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries with the unique exterior and interior decoration, catch one's attention. One of the residences houses the Ioannidis folk collection, which includes noteworthy articles of domestic use. The acropolis of ancient Lindos stands on a triangular rock, bearing witness to the town's glorious past. On its top are fortification walls of the Castle of the Knignts, remains of the Byzantine church of Agios Ioannis, and a small temple of Lindian Athena. At the town's harbour stand the ancient theatre and the gymnasium. Of special note are: Kleovoulos's tomb, which was turned into the church of Agios Aimilianos, the 14th century church of the Virgin with the exquisitely carved wooden screen at the main square, and the chapel of Agiios Pavlos at the port of the same name. Lindos, along with the neighbouring beaches, attract many holiday-makers during the summer months.


PHOTOThe picturesque settlement of Monolithos has a population of 400 inhabitants and it is built in a green area, 73 km southwest of Rhodes. The village was named after a huge rock on top of which stands the Venetian Castle, 3 km southwest. The settlement's stone houses are built on steep roads and preserve lot of elements of traditional architecture. From Monolithos, one should visit the mountainous village of Siana.


PHOTOThe city of Rhodes is situated on the northern part of the island and has a population of 40,000 inhabitants. The town is characterized by modern blocks of flats, wide streets, stores, squares, monuments, picturesque neighborhoods, neo-classical houses, Byzantine churches and Turkish mosque. The recent touristic growth contributed to the construction of modern hotel units, night clubs, tavernas, restaurants and numerous shops. The sites of Rhodes are varied and interesting. Among them, one should visit the ruins of the Ancient City on the hill of Monte Smith, the mosque of Myrat Reis, the mosque of Souleiman, the Hydrobiological Institute, the churches of Agios Fragiskos, Panagia Nikis, True Cross, Panagia Kastrou, Profitis Ilias and Evangelistira, with the beautiful frescoes created by Kondoglou. One should also visit the windmills, the tower of Agios Nikolaos at the port of Mandraki, as well as the green park of Rodini, a few kilometres outside the city. The most impressive part of the city is the Medieval Town, the dominating walls surrounding it and the Palace of the Grand Magistrates, signifying the city's glorious and glamorous past. One should also visit the museums of Rhodes which are of extreme interest. The Archaeological Museum, housed in the Hospital of the Knights, includes sculpture, pots and several remarkable findings, while the Folk Museum exhibits a collection of traditional costumes and objects of daily use.


PHOTOThe seaside settlement of Skala Kamirou, Kamiros's old port, is situated 50 km southwest of Rhodes. It is a beautiful and picturesque village built in the edge of a serene sandy bay, in an area full of grapevines and greenhouses. In the picturesque port, one can visit the tavernas to eat fresh fish and all kinds of seafood.