Photo The small settlement of Agios Antonios is 2 km east of Megalo Horio. It is built on the mouth of the bay of the same name. On the waterfront stands the chapel of Agios Antonios, which has given its name to the settlement. Inside only one of its notable frescoes are left since most of them were destroyed by a German mine during World War II.


Photo Livadia is the island's harbour. It is 7 km south-east of the capital and has approximately 120 inhabitants. It was built in 1930 on a green-clad valley and has been the economic centre of the island ever since. On the waterfront, there are traditional houses mixed with modern hotels which accommodate lots of tourists. On top of the settlement, there is the 15th century castle of Agriosykia which offers an enchanting view to the sea. From Livadia, one should visit the medieval port of Agios Stefanos, the castle and fortification walls of Castello, the settlement of Gera, and the chapels of Panagia Politissa and Agios Panteleimon.


Photo Megalo Horio, the capital of Tilos, is situated 6 km northwest of the port of Livadia. The village was built before the hill of Agios Stefanos and has a population of 200 inhabitants. The village was built on its current location in the early 19th century, when the locals, conquering their fear of pirates, decided to move close to the sea. The island is dominated by the temple of Taxiarhis and the church of the Archangel Michael a transfer of the church of the same name, which is located inside the fortress. The local houses are traditional, maintaining the local architectural style. The small archaeological and paleontological collection of Horio, housed in the Town Hall, is of extreme interest. At the location of the old village of Horio, one can only see the ruins of the medieval castle, restored by Ionites Knights, where the first capital of Tilos was situated until the early pre-christian centuries. The scenery provides a captivating view, especially at sunset. From the area Megalo Horio, one should visit the Castle of Messaria, the Monastery of Agios Pandeleimon and the cave of Harkadio which is of extreme paleontological interest.


Photo Mikro Horio, the old capital of Tilos, is close to Livadia. It was settled for the first time in the 15th century by the Knights of the Order of St John. It has been abandoned since 1960, when its inhabitants moved to Livadia. Today, only remains bear witness to its past glory. One should visit the little castle and the church of Agia Zoni with its notable 18th century frescoes.