Paxi-Antipaxi TOWNS


Photo Antipaxi is a small island situated 3 nautical miles southeast of Paxi. It has a population of 120 inhabitants, and its extension is 5 square km, where grapevines and orchards grow. There are also some resort settlements there, near the wonderful sandy beaches of Voutoumi, Vrika and Agrapidia. The island's transport is run by fishing-boats which connect the island with Paxi and Corfu, especially during the summer.


Photo The capital, with a population of 500 inhabitants, Gaios was built in the southeastern part of the island. Among the picturesque, traditional buildings of the town, the church of Agioi Apostoli dominates the scenery. Just before the harbour's bay, the green island of Agios Nikolaos and Panagia protect the harbour from foul weather. At the top of the islands, the Venetian Castle, the Windmill and the monastery of Panagia are all notable tourist attractions.


Photo A small village of 400 inhabitants, Laka is situated northwest of Gaios. The traditional style of the houses' architecture is complimented by a beautiful landscape full of pine and olive trees. The most admirable buildings are the byzantine church of Ipapandi and the mansion of Gramatikos. The cave of Ipapandi is situated at Erimitis. The cave is one of the 40 maritime caves or graves, and its central chamber (70m long high) is of impressive size.


Photo A resort settlement of 200 inhabitants, Logos was built 6 km north of the capital. The majestic landscape combines beautiful beaches with green hills of pine and olive-trees. The special features of the area are the old olive mill at the harbour and the churches of Agios Nikolaos and Zoodochos Pigi, which both have frescoes. Old windmills are scattered outside the village.


Photo Ozias is a resort village located south of the capital. It has a population of 250 inhabitants, and, next to Gaios, it is the biggest village on the island. The area displays ruins from the church of Agios Stefanos and the paleochristian church of Agia Marina. The village has beautiful beaches.