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B o s N e t - Sept. 22, 1995
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Compiled by Ahmet Kirac and Ayhan Irfanoglu last update: September 17, 1995


* Sarajevo Pipeline * SARAJEVO ALIVE - SARAJEVO ON LINE * ZaMir Transnational Network * War Zone * Human Rights page (previously in Essex) * Convoy-Bosnia of Lasiewicz Foundation * http://www-leland.Stanford.EDU/group/SAGE Students Against Genocide's page * Bosnia Briefings , at Convoy-Bosnia site * Students for Sarajevo * AEGEE Human Rights Working Group * OXFAM homepage * The Serious Road Trip page * The Bosnia Network homepage * Napredak On-line, Croats of BiH by Marko Puljic * Fighting the Destruction of Memory

* homepage * LJILJAN weekly newspaper from Bosnia * OMRI (Open Media Research Institute) Daily Digest * News from OSLOBODJENJE Agency (ONASA) * News from the Croatian Internet Network * Breaking News from NPR on Bosnia * NEXUS Internet Radio * Mercury Center - The War in Bosnia * Time Articles * CityNet Bosnia-Herzegovina page * June 1995 Halifax G7 Summit homepage by Robert Alfers * L'Hebdo magazine in Switzerland * Bosnia - Declaration of Avignon page, in France * No War in Bosnia - manifest against genocide!, in Switzerland * Let's Share the same Dream page,in Italy * Bosnia On-Line , by Tele/Telecom Finland * Prayers for Bosnia * Emotional Trauma Info Pages by David Baldwin * Help Album for Bosnian aid charity War Child info page * Europe for Bosnia Campaign

* Faces of Sorrow Exhibition * Picture Projects (Farewell to Bosnia) * Bosnia's Refugees - A Tragedy of War * Civil War in Yugoslavia * Pictures of Mostar from Italy * YPN: No More Ceasefire * Report from the UN Commission of Experts, at J-L Maillot's page * UNPROFOR documents * U.S. Navy Public Affairs documents on Bosnia * One Better Than Thirteen, Bosnia Info and Poll page, from Scotland

* Bosnet Archive _ I, currently not available * Bosnet Archive _ II * Serbian Unity Congress and Lobby Info, currently not available

* Frank Tiggelaar's Bosnia homepage, in The Netherlands (multilingual) * Jeremy Crampton's Bosnian Virtual Fieldtrip page * David Barnsdale's Bosnia homepage * Marko Tervio's Info page on Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, in Finland * Ex-Yugoslavia homepage by Jean-Luc Maillot, in France * Former Yugoslavia on Internet by Boyd Noorda, in The Netherlands * http://mac-absynt-1.Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE/Pages/War/ Jvrg Folckers's Bosnia resources , in Germany * Damir Tomicic's Info Page of Bosnia and Croatia , in Germany * Scott Jennings' War in The Balkans page * The Bosnia Help page by Alycia Besic * WAR in Croatia * Croatia homePage by Damir Matanic


* gopher:// Bulletins of the Rep. of Bi-H State War Crimes Commission * gopher:// Bosnet Gopher_1 or * gopher:// Bosnet Gopher_2 * gopher:// Bosnia Relief Watch * gopher:// Balkans/Ex-Yugoslavia Gopher * gopher://UMSLVMA.UMSL.EDU:70/11/LIBRARY/GOVDOCS/ARMYAHBS/AABH2 Yugoslavia ARMY AREA HANDBOOK * gopher:// United Nations Documents * gopher:// NATO Data * gopher:// Voice of America Wire News * gopher:// Search All Electronic Newsstand Articles by Keyword


* Documents, papers, pictures, data and much more maintained by Bosnet * Another Bosnet Archive site * Bosnia ftp site at Caltech


* news and articles only (visit its homepage for more) * news:bit.listserv.bosnet bit.listserv.bosnet : bosnet listserver * news:alt.current-events.bosnia alt.current-events.bosnia : news and discussions * news:soc.culture.bosna-herzgvna soc.culture.bosna-herzgvna : discussions * : news from agents, you may not see this if your site is not subscribed to clarinet news. * news:soc.culture.slovenia soc.culture.slovenia * news:soc.culture.yugoslavia soc.culture.yugoslavia


* SAGE (Students Against Genocide) can be reached at or with the message subscribe SAGE or for personal attention you can contact Sheri Lee Fink at or Rich Green at

* BosNet: Send an e-mail message to LISTPROC@DOC.IC.AC.UK (English) or (Bosnian Language) containing SUBSCRIBE BOSNEWS Your_name Your_last_name

* This Week in Bosnia-Hercegovina, weekly news update by Bosnia Action Coalition, Mass.:

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