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From: Dzevat Omeragic <>

B o s N e t - Sept. 25, 1995
MILUTINOVIC THREATENS WITH ALREADY DONE Paris, Sarajevo, Sep 24, 1995 (Press TWRA) - Bosnian media are surprised with the international community's tolerance towards the statement of "Yugoslav" first diplomat Milutinovic clearly announcing the attack of Serbia and Montenegro on B-H. Head of Serbia's diplomacy announced in that way, aggression against the UN member state, and no response was heard from the international community. Milutinovic warned that bloodshed in Bosnia could look like an Indian play compared to what might happen if Serbia enters the war. "Muslims and Croats used NATO as cover for their offensive. We are still close to peace, we can reach it as soon as tomorrow, Yet, the world must not let Banjaluka fall. Military intervention is not a problem for us as we are at least 1O to 2O times as strong as the noighbouring states," threatens Milutinovic at the press conference in Paris. An official of the Sarajevo government who wants to remain anonymous, described Milutinovic's threat as nonsense as the Belgrade regime and its armed and intelligence arsenal and the whole regime have never stopped being involved in aggression on B-H. The UN Security Council Resolution 752 called in 1992 Serbia and Montenegro to withdraw their troops from B-H. Resolution 757 confirmed it was not done. So the sanctions against Serbia and Montenegro were imposed. Meanwhile, Milosevic's regime is persistent in claiming it had nothing to do with the war in Bosnia where allegedly civil war and conflict between ethnic and religious groups were raging. Some foreign politicians and diplomats accepted that state. At the same time, war continued in which Karadzic's Serbs deployed great military potential provided by ex-Yugoslavia and ex-Yugoslav people's army, after being brought under control of Milosevic's office. Assistance in military equipment and manpower was continually provided from Serbia and Montenegro to the occupied parts of B-H and was not cut off even after blockade of the border along the Drina river was announced twice - first, after refusal of Karadzic's Serbs to accept the Vance-Owen plan in spring 1993 and second, after their rejection of the Contact group plan - blockade was enforced on Aug 4, 1994. Referring to confidential report of B-H Ministry of the Interior, Agence-France-Presse released last month data on military support that Belgrade provided for Karadzic's Serbs from Aug 4, 1994 to the middle of this year. Since Aug. till Dec. last year, 6,OOO soldiers, monthly replaced, were sent from "Yugoslavia" to Bosnian frontlines. The number was doubled in the early in 1995. In Serbia, about 2O,OOO Serb refugees from B-H were mobilized by force and after the training in Han Pijesak and Bijeljina were joined Karadzic's paramilitary troops. The same paramilitary, has about 4,OOO mercenaries mainly from Russia, Ukraina and Romania financed by Serb Radical Party with the second greatest number of delegates in Serbian Parliament after the ruling socialists. Early this year, by the same source, the so-called FR Yugoslavia supplied Karadzic's Serbs with 355 armoured vehicles, 1O multiple rocket launchers, 15O guns, two planes MIG-29 four planes SU-25 and SU -29 (Suhoy). /end/ A.S.
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