Review of Modern Greek Studies

Contents of Volume 1, Number 1 (1996)

Editorial Note

Volume 1, Number 1 (1996)

The publication of Synthesis: Review of Modern Greek Studies has been the initiative of the Modern Greek Studies Working Group in Britain. This is a group of UK-based graduate students and academics interested in the history, society, economy, politics, and international relations of Greece in the modern period. Synthesis is the first of two projects being undertaken by the Working Group. The second project, still in its initial stages, seeks the founding of a Modern Greek Studies Association in Britain.

The present project has two aims. The first is to provide a multidisciplinary vehicle for the presentation of research and the exchange of ideas in the study of modern Greece. We hope that this will help stimulate academic debate in the UK and Europe among students and academics conducting research on modern Greece. In this context, Synthesis will promote the development of innovative approaches to the study of modern Greece, and will be published twice a year. The Editorial Board welcomes articles of a theoretical and empirical nature, as well as articles which view Greece in a comparative perspective. The Editorial Board encourages the submission of work by graduate students and young academics. All articles will be refereed by external advisors to the Editorial Board.

The second aim of Synthesis is to disseminate up-to-date information on academic research and activities related to the study of modern Greece. Synthesis will contain articles, book reviews, subject bibliographies, and information on unpublished Ph.D. theses and recently published books and articles, as well as conference reports and information on forthcoming events, research grant opportunities, and university courses in Modern Greek Studies.

The Working Group invites all interested persons to contribute to this project, as well as actively participate in its second project, the founding of the Association. The success of both projects will depend on broad-based support and the active involvement of students and academics throughout Britain and beyond.

We would like to thank Dr. Elias Mossialos, Dr. Spyros Economides and Dr. Angeliki Poulymenakou for their advice on this initiative. We would especially like to thank Professor Nicos Mouzelis for his encouragement and his support.

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Contents of the first issue

Synthesis: Review of Modern Greek Studies
Volume 1, Number 1, 1996

Editorial Note


Interview Book Reviews Recent Research Conference Reports Calendar of Events and Call for Papers

Modern Greek Studies Programmes in Britain

Research Grant Opportunities

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Editorial Board

Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief Editorial Assistant
Athanasios Lykogiannis Athanasios Sampanis
Book Review Editor Business Manager
Paris Yeros Apostolia Rizothanassi

Editorial Board

Vasiliki Agathidou Olga Christodoulaki Vassilis Fouskas
Emmanuel Galatoulas Yannos Mitsos Irini Moustaki
Katerina Nicolopoulou Christos Papatheodorou Athanasia Pouloudi
Marilena Simitis Paul Strong Panagiota Tzamourani

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Advisory Board

Members and affiliations

Philip Carabott King's College London
Mark Mazower Sussex University
Elias Mossialos London School of Economics
Nicos Mouzelis London School of Economics
George Petrochilos Coventry University
Thanasis Sfikas Central Lancashire University
Stelios Stavridis Reading University
Dimitris Tziovas Birmingham University

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