Laser spectroscopy of crossed molecular beams: the dissociation energy of BaI from energy-balance measurements
Vaccaro, P.H.; Zhao, D.; Tsekouras, A.A.; Leach, C.A.; Ernst, W.E.; Zare, R.N.; Dept. of Chem., Stanford Univ., CA, USA
Journal of Chemical Physics, vol.93, no.12, p. 8544-56, 15 Dec. 1990 48 Refs.
Through application of energy-balance arguments to the crossed-beam reaction Ba(1S0)+HI(X1+) to BaI(X2+) + H(2S1/2), a lower limit for the BaI bond dissociation energy is determined to be D00(BaI) ~76.81.7 kcal/mol (3.330.07 eV). Based on the upper bond of D00(BaI) <=78.50.5 kcal/mol, as determined from earlier predissociation studies (M.A. Johnson, J. Allison, and R.N. Zare, J. Chem. Phys. 85, 5723 (1986)), the authors recommend a BaI bond strength of 77.72.0 kcal/mol (3.370.09 eV). This dissociation energy is more than 5 kcal/mol higher than the previously accepted value of D00(BaI) as derived from mass spectrometric measurements.