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Greece In Print, June 15, 1996

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June 15, 1996 - Year: 2, Issue: 28



Poetry: First Prize - Xairetismoi, by Markos Meskos
Runners Up - H Likithos, by Dimitra Pratikaki
To Kiparisi ton Ergatikon, by Dimitra Hristodoulou
Methistoria by Kuriakos Haralampidi

Fiction: First Prize - Sav Muthistornma, by Giavvns Kiourtsaki
Runners Up - Enas Skoufos Apo Porfyra, by Maro Douka
Erotikon, by Giorgi Giatromanolaki

Novel: First Prize - Rozamoundi, by Ilias Papadimitrakopoulos
Runner Up - O Sumvolaipgrafos, by Nikos Vasileiadis


Art entries are now being accepted for the 14th annual National Greek Art Exhibition, which will be held at the Greek Cultural Center in Springfield, Massachusetts from September 6 - 8. The exhibitions is open to Greek artists in the United States working in all media except photography.

A jury of artists will choose which works will be included in the exhibition. There will also be three categories of awards: one $300 best in show award, three $100 merit awards, and six $50 awards. The awards will be presented by their donors at a reception for the artists and the public. Artists may submit two works, which must be shipped prepaid and received no later than August 12. Color slides of work may also be submitted.

Only recently completed works of art not previously shown in Springfield or any adjacent area are eligible for entry. The entry fee is $10 for each piece submitted. For further information about application requirements, contact Pat Mee at (413) 737-1496


Father Stephen J. Anthony, a Greek Orthodox priest for the last forty-five years, has recently written his memoirs in which he comments on his work, parish life, and spiritual struggles. "Flickering Reflections" is rich in witty anecdotes and moving illustrations of sincere and devoted Greek Orthodox Christians. For further information contact Roof Top Press, 29692 Olympia Court, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48336-1340.

**** WEB SITE ****

Information on DG XIII's Web site (http://www2.echo/lu/) announces the creation of a new electronic mailing list by ISO/TC46/SC2; the sub-committee of the International Organization for Standardization developing standards for the conversion of written languages. John Clews (UK) is the Chair; Evangelos Melagrakis (Greece) the Secretary. Those wishing to join the list, "should be actively involved in using or developing transliteration systems, and should be prepared to contribute to the list..." It is hoped that the list, "will attract librarians, researchers and scientists". Those who meet the criteria are invited to send an e-mail to: converse@sesame.demon.co.uk with a copy to: eem@elot.gr. Further information available at: http://www2.echo.lu/libraries/en/translit.html Rosalind Johnson, UK
National Focal Point for the European Libraries Programme,
The Library and Information Commission,
2 Sheraton Street,
London W1V-4BH
Tel: 0171-411-0058,
Fax: 0171-411-0057.


THREE SUMMERS, by Psathina Kapela; translated by Karen Van Dyck

"... That summer we bought big straw hats. Maria's had cherries around the rim, Infanta's had forget-me-nots, and mine had poppies as red as fire. When we lay in the hayfield wearing them, the sky, the wildflowers, and the three of us all melted into one..."

Three summers is the story of three sisters growing up in Greece; their first loves, lies, and secrets; their shared childhood experiences and their gradual growing apart. Maria, the oldest, is strong, sensual, keenly aware of society's expectations. Infanta is beautiful, fiercely proud, aloof. Katerina is spirited, independent, off in a dream world of her own. There is also the mysterious Polish grandmother, the wily Captain Andreas, the self-involved Laura Parigori ... Katerina tells the story of these intertwined lives with imagination, humor, deep tenderness, and a certain nostalgia. :Three Summers" is a romance with nature, with our planet. It is the declaration of a young girl in love with life itself.

When three summers was first published in Paris (Gallimard, 1950) Albert Camus wrote, "The sun has disappeared from books these days. That's why they hinder our attempts to live, instead of helping us. But the secret is still kept in your country, passed on from one initiate to another. You are one of those who pass it on. I feel a sense of complicity with this book."

Now for the first time this classic tale of summer and growing up, a Greek Little Women, is available in English.


**** ENGLISH ****


Widely praised for its accessibility and its consentration on the metaphysical issues that are most central to the history of Greek philosophy, this volume offers a valuable introduction to the works of the Presocratic, Plato, and Aristotle.

For the third edition, the author has provided new translations of Socrates' speech in the "Symposium" and of the first five chapters of Aristotle's "Categories", as well as new selections bearing on Aristotle's "Theory of Infinity, Continuity, and Discreteness. The book also contains a general introduction, along with selective bibliography, and lists of suggested readings.
third edition, 446 pages, 5.3x8.2, Paper

THE OTHER GREEKS, by Victor Davis Hanson

Everyone has been taught that the Greek city-state is the ultimate source of the Western tradition in literature, philosophy, and politics. For generations, scholars have focused on the rise of the city-state and its brilliant cosmopolitan culture. Hanson shows that the real "Greek revolution" was not the rise of a free and democratic urban culture, remarkable as this was, but the historic innovation of the independent family farm. It was these tough-minded, practical, and fiercely independent agrarians, Hanson contends, who gave Greek culture its distinctive emphasis on private property, constitutional government, contractual agreements, infantry warfare, and individual rights.

Hanson's reconstruction of ancient Greek farm life is fresh, comprehensive, and totally absorbing. But his detailed chronicle of the rise and tragic fall of the Greek city-state also helps us to grasp the implications of what may be the single most significant trend in American life today - namely, the imminent extinction of the family farm.
541 pages, 6.4x9.5, Cloth, $ 29.00


Never has the story of the world's first democracy had more to say to us than now. Surprisingly, however, there has never been a modern life of Pericles, the leading statesman of Athenian democracy. Kagan's masterful biography fulfills this need with a fresh and skillful reconstruction of this democratic hero and his times. Drawing on a comprehensive knowledge of the period, Kagan, explores the social, intellectual, political and cultural environment of Pericles' remarkable career at a time when the whole world is aware, once again, of mankind's renewed hope for a free and just political order.
287 pages, 6.3x9.5, Cloth, $ 25.95


No-one will ever be so favourably placed to write the history of the Greek Civil War as Woodhouse. As Commander of the Allied Military Mission to the Greek Guerrillas in German-occupied Greece in 1943-4, he had to hold an uneasy balance between the Communist and Government sides. Against a background of conflicting Communist doctrine, shifting foreign alliances, territorial disputes and personality differences, the three-round Communist struggle for Greece began in 1941.

"The First Round" - the German occupation of Greece (1941-4) when the National Liberation Front, Siantos' resistance movement, attempted to regain control of the country and overthrow the monarchy. "The Second Round" - December 1944, when the communists, trying to seize power at the end of the German occupation, were frustrated by the intervention of British forces. "The Third Round" - (from 1946) the most protracted part of the struggle, whose fortunes were marked by US intervention in place of the retiring British, fact-finding missions by the UN, and the shift from guerrilla tactics to conventional warfare.

Basing his research on interviews with prominent survivors from both sides, access to privileged documents and his own unique experience, Mr. Woodhouse, analysing objectively the characters, ideologies and events behind one of the longest and most bitter civil wars of modern times, has written the definitivr history.
324 pages, 6.4x9.5, Cloth, $ 34.95

**** GREEK ****

H GYNAIKA THS AMMOY, tns Lias Megalou-Seferiadi

Evas peripatos stov knpo twv Arxetupwv. Biblikes avafores, paramuthika stoixeia, thrnskeutika sumbola suvthetouv mia voubela oveirikn. H arxegovn Mntera me to Paidi taksideuei sto xwro kai to xrovo prospathwvtas va diafugei apo tn duvasteia tou arsevikou. Pervaei apo tnv arxaia Ellada, tn Rwmn, tnv Arabia kai katalngei sto apwtato mellov. Musthriakn, erwtikn ki aiwnia fervei tnv elpida kai to fws ekei opou allote despoze to skotadi. H Guvaika tns Ammou eivai o foreas tns thulukns arxns mesa stov avdrikratoumeno kosmo. H suggrafeas paizei me tov aera, tn gn, tn fwtia kai tn thalassa sunthetovtas eva kosmogoviko mwsaiko. Oi metamorfwseis tns Pavagias kai tou Brefous taksideuouv sto apeiro kai diasxizouv tous galaksies prospervwvtas to thavato kai tn fthora. H "Guvaika tns Ammou" eivai mia esxatologikn dingnsn, eva keimevo apokalupsiako opou o efialtns evallassetai me to oveiro. H suggrafeas xrnsimopoiei tn muthologia kai tis Grafes, tn favtasia kai tnv pragmatikotnta gia va plasei mia gonteutikn paraboln m' epikevtro tn Guvaika.

PORT MPOY, tou Miltou Fragopoulou

Paraksevn voubela pou egkibwtizei mia seira apo diaforetikous tropous grafns. O kormow tns eivai mpoliasmevos me dokimia. avaluseiw, mikrn dosn theatrou pou exouv afomoiwthei armovika xwris va diaspouv thv evotnta. Oi kivnseis tou prwtagwvistn elegxovtai kai prosxediazovtai apo evav pavtepoptn ofthalmo, pou parapempei sto arxetupo tou suggrafea h akoma kai tou Theou.

Sto "Port Mpou" uparxei evas govimos problhmatismos gurw apo thv ejelijn kai tnv katastasn tns dutikns koultouras, to rolo tns filosofias stov ustero metabiomnxaviko kosmo, to adieksodo kai ta dilnmmata tou sugxrovou diavooumevou. Akomn parapera, tithetai to problnmatns logotexnikns formas kai pws auto mporei va kseperastei evogthalmizovtas eklektika tropous kai alles perioxes.

Thema tns voubelas eivai n Thlibern poreia evos sknvothetn pou, se kapoia parapaiousa eparxiakn poln, epixeirein' avaparastnsei to telos tou Walter Benjamin, Germavoebraiou stoxastn pou autoktovnse. Egklwbismevos s' eva periballov metriws exthriko kai mallov adiaforo, o Biktwr prospathei vaq ferei se peras to megalepnbolo sxedio tou me movadiko stnrigma tnv paramuthia twv agapnmevwv tou klasikwv keimevwv. Egxeirnma prwtotupo ki evdiaferov, to "Port Mpou" apeuthuvetai kuriws se avagvwstes me avaptugmevn filologikn ikavotnta, pou tha mporesouv va geuthouv ta duskola diakeimevika paixvidia.
Selides 148, 1996

THS ALLHS MERAS DIHGHMATA, tns Elevns Nika-Mavwlitsakn

Oktw dingnmata suvthetouv tn sullogn tns palias dnmosiografou me tnv opoia emfavizetai sta ekdotika pragmata o "Avatolikos". Dingnmata pou tha mporousav va suvthesouv kai eva eviaio keimevo, afou toso oi theamatikes tous oso kai o xwros opou kovouvtai oi xaraktnres eivai koivoi: o Ai-Laurevtns tou Pnliou. Prokeitai, epomevws, gia suvtomes istories me kapoia pragmatikn basn pou metaplathovtai eustoxa se logotexviko keimevo me basikes aretes tnv oikovomia tns dingnsns, tnv adrotnta tns perigrafns, pou apogeugei tis sugkivnsiakes katastaseis, kai mia texvikn afngnmatikns prolnpsns pou prooikovomei to telos, alla euvoei tnv agngnmatikn praksn.
Selides 64, 1995


  1. H Bradutnta, by M. Kouvtera
  2. To Traivo me tis Fraoules, by G. Ksanthoulns
  3. To Periptero, by D. Gkiwvh
  4. H Proba tou Nyfikou, by N. Giannakopoulou
  5. Dytika tns Lypns, by O. Elytns
  6. Amav Amav by A. Papadakn
  7. Deka Mythoi kai mia Istoria, by N. Papandreou
  8. Gkriza Politeia, by M. Lampadaridou
  9. Pou Pia Kairos, by I. Kapavtan
  10. O Xoreutns stov Elaiwva, by Th. Grngoriadns


  1. Ellinika Twra 1+1, by Demetra Marineta
  2. Alexander the Great: A Novel, by Nikos Kazantzakis
  3. Not Out of Africa, by Mary Lefkowitz
  4. Aesop for Children, illustrated by Milo Winter
  5. Pontos Anatolia, A photographic Journey, by Marianna Koromila
  6. Its Greek to Me, by Michael Macrone
  7. Greek Traditions and Customs in America, by Marylin Rouvelas
  8. The Greek Wine Guide, by Nico Manessis
  9. American Aphrodite, by C. Callinicos
  10. Yannis Ritsos: Selected Poems, translated by Nikos Stangos



June 15 * New York, NY - READING

The Greek American Writer's Association will present "From Sappho to Cavafy and Beyond: Celebrating the Lesbian and Gay Contribution to Greek Literature," at the Cornelia Street Cafe, 29 Cornelia Street, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Featured readers include Olga Broumas, T Begley and Dean Kostos. For information, call 212-989-9319.

June 16 * New York, NY - LECTURE

The Holy Trinity Cathedral Fellowship will host a lecture on "Byzantine Iconography: A Theology in Colors" by Katerina Tsigas. The lecture will begin at 1:00 PM, 319 E 74th St. For information, call 212-627-7813.

June 17 * New York, NY - READING

The Mid-Manhattan branch of the New York Public Library will present a poetry reading by author Keri Keriotis among others as part of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. The reading begins at 6:00 pm, 455 Fifth Avenue, (212) 340-0833.

June 27 - August 23 * New York, NY - EXHIBITION

The Alexander S. Onassis Center, New York University, will present a photo exhibition entitled "Stewards of the Land": A Photographic History of the American Farm School." The exhibit portrays the development of the Farm School, as well as rural Greek life, over the course of this century. An opening reception will be held on June 27 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM, 58 West 10th St. For information call 212-998-3990.

June 24-28 * Mexico - CONFERENCE

The International Conference of Modern Greek Language will be held at the National Autonomus University of Mexico.


This newsletter is made possible by the members of the Hellenic Literature Society who have contributed towards its publication, and by the support of:

Cosmos Publishing Company - NJ, 201-664-3494:
Books of Greek subject matter in English and in Greek. (Mail order worldwide)

Foundation for Hellenic Culture - NY, 212-308-6908
Non-profit organization supporting Greek cultural activities.

The GreekAmerican - NY, 718-626-7676:
Weekly Newspaper (in English)

The Greek American Monthly - PA, 412-366-9022
Monthly Newspaper (in English)

Greek American Women's Network - NJ, 201-944-4127
Provides support, contacts and shared information to women of Greek heritage.

Hellenic American Educators - NY, 212-777-7502
Educational organization affiliated with the United Federation of Teachers.

The Hellenic American Network - NJ, 201-664-3494:
Mail order advertising, reaching over 1,000,000 Greek-Americans and 120,000 Greek-Canadians.


Australia           20             Japan                2
Brazil               1             Mexico               1
Canada              34             Netherlands          5
Cyprus               2             New Zealand          2
Denmark              6             Norway               2
Finland              2             Portugal             1
France               9             Singapore            2
Germany              6             Slovenija            1
Greece              34             South Africa         1
Hong Kong            1             Sweden               2
Hungary              3             Switzerland          5
Ireland              3             Turkey               2
Israel               6             United Kingdom      42
Italy                3             United States      396

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