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January 15, 1996 - Year: 2, Issue:18



*** Exhibition in Rome ***

Two Greek exhibitions were officially opened in Rome's Palazzion Rouspoli by Culture Minister Thanos Mikroutsikos. The exhibitions, entitled "Macedonians: The Greeks of the North" and "Alexander the Great: History and Myth," were jointly organized by the Greek culture ministry and the Italian Memmo Foundation. The exhibitions will run for five months. The first exhibition consists of 420 archaeological finds discovered in Macedonia during the past five years. The second exhibit, created on an Italian initiative, consists of 144 exhibits assembled from various museums, collections and libraries from all over the world. Manuscripts and miniatures concerning the legend of Alexander the Great are also on display for the first time.

*** Greece In Print - 1996 ***

The Hellenic Literature Society in cooperation with the Hellenic American Educators/UFT announces "GREECE IN PRINT, 1996". This event is the first major Book Exhibit of Greek Literature and Culture in North America. The event will take place on Saturday and Sunday September 21 and 22, 1996 at the United Federation of Teachers Building located at 260 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010. "GREECE IN PRINT, 1996" will exhibit a large selection of books (several thousand) printed in both English and Greek. Visitors to the exhibit will have the opportunity to browse and explore a variety of themes such as: art, children's books, classical studies, cookbooks, culture, Greek-American studies, history, language courses, literature & fiction, modern Greek Studies, philosophy, poetry, religion, schoolbooks, travel guides, women's studies, as well as educational and cultural audio and video cassettes and computer software. During the course of this two day exhibition, noted authors and scholars will conduct lectures and workshops on site. This effort will be made a reality through the volunteer efforts of Greeks and philhellenes alike. With the support of all of us the treasures of Greece will be presented for all to share. A lasting gift through the written word. The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Hellenic Literature Society request your support and patronage. We urge you to become part of it. Donations to the Hellenic Literature Society are tax deductible.

*** The Nutcracker ***

Sisters Krystal and Katia Babalas of Belmont, MA USA danced in Boston Ballet's new production of "The Nutcracker" at the Wang Center for the Performing Arts. For the second consecutive year, the girls were selected to dance Opening Night and also attended the Nutcracker Ball. Katia, age 9, performed the role of polichinelle. Her credits also include three years performing with Reagle Players, A Christmas Spectacular. Krystal, age 11, performed as Lead Party Girl. This was her third season with the Boston Ballet's production. Her credits also include dancing with the Reagle Players in the role of Clara in their Christmas Spectacular production and Boston Ballet's production of "The Taming of the Shrew" and "Happy Ever After" at the Wang Center. Both girls are students in Boston Ballet's School of Dance in the professional A track in the Newton Studio. They are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Babalas.

*** Photographs of Mount Athos ***

Anthony Decaneas will present photographs from Mount Athos at the next monthly dinner meeting of the Alpha Omega Council on Wednesday, January 31 in Boston, MA USA at 6:30 PM. Anthony is president of Panopticon Inc. with a gallery on Bay State Road. The photographs portray and document the people and places on Mount Athos in Greece. The photographs were taken over a six-year period. This program will provide a unique insight into present day life on Mount Athos, through the eye of a keen and talented photographer with extensive access to his subject matter. Anthony is the author of "Pavlia: Portrait of a Greek Village" and has sponsored many important photographic exhibits.


INSIDE HITLER'S GREECE,THE EXPERIENCE OF OCCUPATION 1941- 1944 by Mark Mazower. Reviewed by Aristotle Christou, MPA

There is generally very little scholarly research and writing available in English about contemporary Greek history. Mazower's book comes to fill the void over what appears to be a very harsh and difficult time in Greece's history. This is a serious piece of research with 60 pages of supporting notes, containing a wealth of information for those interested in understanding not only the historical significance of the Second World War, but also in understanding the roots of the Greek civil war and the political development in Greece.
Mazower is a professor of International Relations at the University of Sussex. He was inspired to undertake the research on this book when Kurt Waldheim's dark past was unveiled in the 1980's. Waldheim was the Secretary General of the United Nations in the 1980's, and later became the President of Austria. During the German occupation of Greece, Waldheim served the Nazi war machine as a lieutenant in communications. He took part in deciphering, or rather, dressing up the historical facts of the Nazi atrocities in Greece. He is also materially connected with the forceful removal of more than 47,000 Greek Jews to their final extermination in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Mazower's work in this book is two-fold. As its major theme, it provides a graphic and comprehensive account of the German and Italian occupation of Greece during the Second World War. He very succinctly describes the immense struggle and suffering of the Greek people under the barbaric and inhumane occupation. The famine of 1941, contributed to the deaths of many thousands of Greek civilians both in cities and the country-side. The famine was a result of the German requisition and transfer of all material goods, including food, from the occupied lands to Germany, for the benefit of the German people. The cruelty of occupation continued and grew as the German "butchers" the likes of Jurgen Stroop and Walter Blume, were transferred to Greece, having decimated the Jews in Poland. (See also Thomas Keneally's Schindler's List).
On the other hand, Mazower devotes a good part of the book to give a detailed description and analysis of the fragmented and ailing Greek political system from the 1920's to the 1950's. Of note is the detailed description and character sketch of the various politicians that served in the Nazi-sanctioned caretaker governments through-out the war. Mazower describes, in extensive detail, the role of the resistance, the "andartes", during the war and the subsequent communist influence, which lead to the harsh and destructive civil war of 1945 to 1948. Originally, the resistance played a significant role in the fight against the Germans. Fighting from the mountains, they inflicted significant damage to the enemy, frustrating the Germans to such degree, that they retaliated many times by brutally and summarily executing innocent civilians. The Germans used their frustration as an excuse to savagely obliterate several villages by killing the inhabitants, looting and burning.
The various factions of the resistance were particularly effective in organizing not only relief programs to feed the starving populations at the early stages of the war, but also in organizing civil demonstrations. Later on in the war, the anti-Communist sentiment of some Greeks, mostly collaborators supported by the Nazi anti-Communist propaganda, provided fuel for further destruction and brutality. With German assistance and support from the Gestapo, the puppet Greek government established the infamous Security Battalions. These were manned by fascists and criminals released from jails for this purpose. Their aim was to fight the communists. As the two organized and ill-prepared forces, the resistance and the battalionists, fought each other, thousands of innocent civilians were again massacred. Both factions took the opportunity to take revenge on their previous enemies, or to intimidate the population. Thus the Germans succeeded in their policy of using Greeks to fight against Greeks, in order to minimize loss of German blood.
Mazower's research does not appear to support the existence of a strong pro-communist policy to take-over Greece after the war. There were ample opportunities available to the "andartes", but the lack of unified leadership and bad communications, minimized their potential impact. What appears to have prompted the civil war was the vacuum in the Greek political arena; an unwillingness of large segments of the population to support King George and his government; and the memory of the suffering under the fascist Metaxa dictatorship in the 1930's. Also, the involvement of the British and the Americans, whose self-interests did not coincide with the needs of the Greek population, appears to have fanned the fire for the civil war. This relatively recent, but dark period in Greek history appears to have been omitted from history books, as though it ought to be forgotten. Could this be because of the brutality exhibited by the various Greek factions against other helpless and innocent Greeks? Is it the indoctrination of the fear of communism that pitted Greek against Greek? Or, was the fact that pre-war Greek governments had unduly suppressed and mistreated the people? Mazower analyses these and many other issues and provides rational conclusions. Research for this book took Mazower to the German, British and American war archives. Unfortunately, "the state of Greece's archives is a national disgrace". Never-the-less, Mazower conducted several interviews of people in Greece, whose account describes how they withstood the brutality from all sides. Their stories and struggles for day-to-day existence are well documented. His interviews also took him throughout the world to cover both sides, the sufferers and the aggressors.
What I like most about this book, is Mazower's factual and unbiased analysis. He gives the reader more than just the horrific picture of the wanton Nazi destruction. His analytical view provides the opportunity to ponder and reflect on the magnitude, the severity and utter cruelty of the Nazi regime. What perplexes me most, however, is the inherent cruelty of man against humanity. Although the inhumanity of the Germans still puzzles many people today, the inhumanity of Greeks against Greeks shocked me. History appears to repeat itself in a consistent fashion, as we witness daily the human suffering in the former Yugoslavia and other countries where civil strife prevails.


*** English Language ***

APOLLONIUS OF RHODES - THE VOYAGE OF ARGO, translated by E.V. Rieu This is the only full account that has come down to us of Jason's voyage in quest of the Golden Fleece. Written in the third century B.C., it met with derision in the poet's native city, Alexandria, and the second version was first acclaimed by the Rhodians before its more widespread success. Though Apollonius used the manner and matter of epic, he wrote from a personal viewpoint, as a critical observer. His understanding of human nature, his unerring eye for dramatic moment, and his quiet sense of humour give reality and spirit to this fantastic story of high romance and incredible adventure. 215 pages, 5.1x7.8 inches, Paper, $9.95

FABLES OF AESOP, translated by S.A. Handford with illustrations by Brian Robb In this collection, the clarity and wisdom of the fables are demonstrated in a simple and elegant translation by S.A. Handford. From the best-known examples - the dog in the manger, the boy who cried wolf-to much less familiar tales, here is the complete version of over two hundred stories. Each has its own sharply pointed moral and its individual cast of characters, some anthropomorphically animal, others all too recognizably human. 228 pages, 5.1x7.8 inches, Paper, $7.95

FOURTEEN BYZANTINE RULERS, by Michael Psellus - 1966 Translated with an introduction by E.R.A. Sewter The death of Basil II in A.D. 1025, after fifty glorious years as sole emperor, ushered in decades of turbulence, corruption and incompetence . For the following half-century of extraordinary decline our main source is Michael Psellus (1018-96), one of the greatest courtiers and men of letters of the age. His vivid and forceful chronicle, full of psychological insight and deep understanding of power politics, is a historical and literary document of the first importance. Recent scholars have shattered for ever Gibbon's view that the Byzantine Age was just a shabby and disreputable appendage to the Roman Empire; Psellus, a man of striking refinement and humanity, both portrays and exemplifies at its best the Byzantine way of life. 396 pages, 5x7.8 inches, Paper, $ 10.95

THE GREEK MYTHS - Complete Edition, by Robert Graves From sources scattered throughout ancient literature Graves used a novelist's skill to weave a crisp coherent narrative of each myth. Full commentaries offer cross-references, interpretations and explanations combining solid scholarship with the intuitive insight of a poet. A comprehensive index of names and their derivations adds to ease of use. The result is a classic among reference books, ideal for specialists, dippers or anyone seeking details of the gods, heroes and extraordinary events which inspirited Homer, the Greek tragedians and so much subsequent European culture. 782 pages, 5.3x8.5 inches, Paper, $ 15.95

ODYSSEUS POLUTROPOS, with a new afterword by Pietro Pucci - 1995 Pucci shows us how the text, the poet, the heroes, and the reader are involved in a wonderful journey which consists of digressions and drifting, analogous episodes. Those episodes repeat themselves in such a way that, instead of creating a certain meaning, they open a sea of expressions and emotions that dissolve and undermine our attempts to extract a meaningful and moral learning... The reader becomes, in the end, like the hero, multifariously experienced....That which sustains all is the inexhaustible power of Pucci's and consequently Homer's, text, power to surprise us, to make us richer in knowledge, and to grant us an ever-growing pleasure in reading. 274 pages, 5.9x8.8 inches, Paper, $ 17.95

*** Greek Language ***

KAPPADOKIA - Peringnsn stn Xristiavikn Avatoln, tns Liza Ebert Propurgio twv agwvwv tou xristiavikou ethvous, tns Byzavtivns dnladn Autokratorias. Kata tou Islam, apo ta prwta kiolas xrovia tns emfanisns twv Arabwv sta buzavtiva suvora, eide h Kappadokia tous thriambous twv stratwv tns Pavagias tns Odngntrias, alla kai gvwrise tnv eirnvikn sumbiwsn metaksu lawv methoriakwv, opws peritexva tnv kategrapse o akritikos kuklos, gevvnma kuriws kappadokiko. Kai otav sta teln tou 11ou aiwva upeknpse stous Seltzoukous, h Kappadokia apokommevh pia apo tnv autokratorikn politikn kai stratiwtikn epopteia akolouthnse ta peprwmeva twv vewv kuriwv tns xwris wstoso o xristiavikos plnthusmos tns va egkataleipsei ta patria, tnv orthodoksia dnladn kai tn glwssa. Mia uperpoluteln ekdosn sta Agglika n sta Ellnvika. 258 selides, 9.8x11.6 intses, 436 fwtografies, Cloth, $ 70.00

TO OLYMPIAKO PNEYMA, tns Elsn Spatharn Se eva kosmo diarkws metaballomevo eivai avagkaio va avatrexoume stis pnges kai stis arxes kai avakaluptovtas tis stiktes grammes pou sunethesankapote tn mprfn tns Armovias, va broume to diko mas Metro, gia th dikn mas poreia. Akolouthwvtas tn diadromn pou mas proteivei to biblio touto, diakrivoume, mesa apo ta istorika vtokoumevta, tis prospatheies pou katelabav oi avthrwpoi apo ta xrovia tou xalkou ws th stigmn tou ellnvikou thaumatos va kataktnsouv tnv eualwth oso kai avagkaia issoropia: tnv eutnxn suvergasia swmatos kai pveumatos-suvergasia pou epektathnke stis sxeseis metaksu twv avthrwpwv, tis sxeseis tns mias koivothtas me tnv alln. Mia uperpoluteln ekdosn sta Agglika n sta Ellnvika. 370 selides, 8.3x11.4 intses, 360 egxrwmes fwtografies, Cloth, $ 85.00

OI OLYMPIAKOI AGWNES STHN ARXAIA ELLADA, gevikn epopteia Nikolaos Gialourns Autos o tomos parousiazei tnv evtupwsiakn ekseliksn kai tnv akmn tou arxaiou ellnvikou athlntidmou me epikevtro tous Olumpiakous agwves pou apotelouv tnv korufaia tou ekfrasn. Eksetazovtai oi koivwvikes domes pou euvonsav tnv anaptuksn tou kai h kairia snmasia tou gia tnv ekpaideusn. Perigrafetai xwrista kathe athlnma kai avaluetai h texnikh tou wste to ergo va apotelei eva oloklnrwmevo kai katatopistiko odngo tou arxaiou athlntismou. sta Agglika n sta Ellnvika. 304 selides, 8.5x10.7 inches, Cloth, $ 72.00


  1. H Prova Tou Nufikou, by N. Giavvakopoulou
  2. Evas Skoufos Apo Porfura, by M. Douka
  3. Deka Muthoi kai mia Istoria, by N. Papandreou
  4. To Trito Stefavi by K. Taxtsns
  5. To Spiti Tou Exthrou Mou, by N. Xouliaras
  6. Alkibiadns, by Z. Nte Romigi
  7. Sto Ovoma tns Makedovias, by Th. Skulakakns
  8. Amav Amav by A. Papadaln
  9. Diplwmatia, by X. Kissinger
  10. O Kosmos tns Sofias by G. Gkaarnter


  1. Standard Greek Dictionary by Langenscheidt
  2. Oxford Greek Dictionary,Pocket by Oxford University
  3. Biblia Disney by Terzopoulos
  4. A Guide to Greek Traditions and Customs in America by M. Rouvelas
  5. Greek Women in Resistance by E. Fourtouni
  6. The Greek Wine Guide by N. Manessis
  7. Oi Prwtes Mou Lekseis by Minwas
  8. Growing Up As A Greek American by J. Kallas
  9. Inside Hitler's Greece by M. Mazower
  10. The Odyssey (illustrated) by R. Payne



December 2 - January 21 * Cambridge, MA - EXHIBIT. "REFLECTIONS FROM SANTORINI" Paintings by Nancy Lang, are currently on exhibit at the Greek Institute Gallery, 108 Massachusetts Ave. For information call (617) 547-4779.

January 16 * Cambridge, MA - HELICON SOCIETY LECTURE Professor Ioannis Miaoulis, Dean of Engineering, Tufts University, will speak on "Why Girls Shun Science and Math?", at the Greek Institute, 1038 Massachusetts Avenue, 3:30 PM. (617) 547-4770.

January 17 * New York, NY - CHILDREN'S READING The New York Public KLibrary will present a special program entitled "Stories in Voice and Sign from a Greek Spinning Wheel and an African Stoty Hat" by Barbara Aliprantis and Bob Bobaloo. For children ages 4 to 9. The Epiphany Branch, 228 E 23rd St, at 3:30 PM, (212) 679-2645 and The Jefferson Market Branch, 425 6th Ave, at 6:30 PM, (212) 243-4334.

January 17 - April 14 * New York, NY - EXHIBITION Rare and renowned works of Hellenistic sculpture are the subject of an exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art entitled "Pergamon: The Telephos Frieze from the Great Altar." For more information, call (212) 879-5500.

January 18 * Cambridge, MA - DRAMATIC READING John Moore will read a translation of Sophocles' Ajax. The Greek Institute, 1038 Massachusetts Ave. (617) 547-4770.

January 21 * New York, NY - THE HISTORY OF BYZANTINE ART: FROM ICONOCLASM TO THE CRUSADES The Hellenic University Club and Parnassos Greek Cultural Society present Veronica Kalas, Byzantine art historian at NYU Institute of Fine Arts. The Holy Trinity Cathedral 319 E 74th St at 3:30 PM.

January 25 * Cambridge, MA - READING A reading of Sophocles' "The Women of Trachis," translation by Michael Jameson, at The Greek Institute, 1038 Massachusetts Ave. For information call (617) 547-4770.

January 26-February 10 * Boston, MA - CINAMA FESTIVAL The New Greek Cinema Festival will be held at the Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave. For film schedule call (617) 369-3305.

January 28 * San Francisco, CA - SHADOW PUPPET THEATER The Holy Trinity Church will present a performance of Karaghiozis during its Greek Letters Week Celebration. The performance will begin at 1:15 PM. For information call (415) 584-4747.

January 28 * Brookline, MA - GREEK LETTERS WEEK The Greek Teacher's Association of the Diocese of Boston is spomsoring a Greek Letters Week event at the Maliotis Cultural Center at 3:30 PM.

February 3-6 * St. Augustine, FL - PILGRIMAGE The 14th annual pilgrimage to St. Photios Greek Orthodox Shrine. For further information and reservations call the St. Photios Foundation at (904) 829-8205.

February 7 * New York, NY - LECTURE SERIES The Holy Trinity Cathedral Fellowship is hosting a series of lectures in February by the faculty of St. Vladimir's Seminary on "Forgiveness." The lectures will be presented at the Cathedral, 337 E 74th St. beginning at 7:30 PM. For more information call (516) 627-7813.

February 8-11 * Silver Creek, CO - CONFERENCE The Denver Diocese Young Adult League Members will host the seventh annual YAL show conference February 8-11, near Rocky Mountain National Park. Keynote speaker will be Rev. Lou Christopoulos dean of Annunciation Cathedral in Houston. His topic will be "Role of the Laity". For more information contact: Diocese of Denver, Office of Youth and Young Adult League Ministries. (303) 333-7794.


* If you would like to contribute feature articles, announce exhibits, events, lectures or any other activities on Greek literature and culture, to be included in this newsletter, please e-mail your material to GreekBooks@AOL.com or mail them to the attention of the H.L.S.

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* Donations to the Hellenic Literature Society are tax deductible. Funds are used to promote the reading of Greek Literature; to organize Greek literary and cultural events; to endow libraries with books of Greek literature; to create & finance libraries at the schools of the Greek Diaspora; to finance scholarships and fellowships in Greek studies; to assist Greek authors publish their manuscripts; and, award an annual prize for excellence in Greek literature. If we are instructed to direct a donation to the library of a specific institution, books will be inscribed with the name of the donor and will be accompanied by an explanatory letter.

* Please advise us if you do not receive the biweekly issues of this newsletter in your private e-mail address, and you wish to continue to do so. We are receiving some "E-mail Undeliverable" notices. We will remove from the mailing list any address for which we receive three consecutive such notices.

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