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A newsletter of Greek literature provided by the H.L.S. A non-profit organization GreekBooks@AOL.com - P.O. Box 2272, River Vale, NJ 07675 Tel. 201-666-7374; Fax 201-664-3402 February 1, 1996 - Year: 2, Issue:19



*** Arcadian Association Scholarships ***

The Arcadian Association of New York has recently initiated educational scholarship awards for high school students with outstanding academic achievements. All students whose family origins are in Arcadia, Greece, are eligible to apply for a scholarship. For further information, contact the Arcadian Association at (718) 482-1875.

*** Cyprus Consulate Exhibition ***

The Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus is currently hosting an exhibition of the work of the Cypriot American artist, Stella Nicolaou. "Works on Paper," a series of pastels, represents Nicolaou's latest explorations of the interplay between color, light and structure within the confines of the canvas. The twenty three drawings in the exhibit portray a variety of interior still lifes, with an emphasis on objects from daily life: a chair, a cup, a sink, a mirror. Nicolaou transforms these ordinary objects by manipulating the visual tensions within the frame. Her cutting and stretching the borders of the pieces, combined with her technique of blurring shades of colors together, allows her to bypass formulaic renderings of images and create more tension and movement within the canvas. As someone trained as an abstractionist the image is not essential for Nocolaou, rather it is the shifts in tone, color and space that she seeks to explore. Nicolaou's artwork has been exhibited in a number of galleries including the Elaine Benson Gallery in Bridgehampton, the National Arts Club, Houghton Gallery at Cooper Union, the Three Arts Club in Chicago and Womanart Gallery. For more information contact the Consulate General of the Republic of Cyprus at (212) 686-6016.

*** Eastern Orthodox Scholarships ***

The Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting has recently announced that it is now accepting applications for its annual Boy Scout and Girl Scout Scholarships. Two scholarships will be awarded: $,000 for first place and $500 for second. To be eligible an applicant must be registered active member of a Boy or Girl Scout unit; have received the Eagle Scout Award or the Gold Award; be an active member of the Eastern Orthodox Church and must have earned the Alpha Omega Scout Religious Award; have demonstrated practical citizenship in their church, school, scouting unit, and community; and be enrolled in their final year of high school and are planning to attend an accredited four year college or university. For more information write to EOCS Scholarship Committee, 862 Guy Lombardo Ave. Freeport, NY 11520. The deadline for applications is April 15.

*** Greece In Print - 1996 ***

The Hellenic Literature Society in cooperation with the Hellenic American Educators/UFT announces "GREECE IN PRINT, 1996". This event is the first major Book Exhibit of Greek Literature and Culture in North America. The event will take place on Saturday and Sunday September 21 and 22, 1996 at the United Federation of Teachers Building located at 260 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010. "GREECE IN PRINT, 1996" will exhibit a large selection of books (several thousand) printed in both English and Greek. Visitors to the exhibit will have the opportunity to browse and explore a variety of themes such as: art, children's books, classical studies, cookbooks, culture, Greek-American studies, history, language courses, literature & fiction, modern Greek Studies, philosophy, poetry, religion, schoolbooks, travel guides, women's studies, as well as educational and cultural audio and video cassettes and computer software. During the course of this two day exhibition, noted authors and scholars will conduct lectures and workshops on site. This effort will be made a reality through the volunteer efforts of Greeks and philhellenes alike. With the support of all of us the treasures of Greece will be presented for all to share. A lasting gift through the written word. The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Hellenic Literature Society request your support and patronage. We urge you to become part of it. Donations to the Hellenic Literature Society are tax deductible.

*** Hellenic College Chooses New President ***

Archbishop Iakovos recently announced the appointment of Reverend Dr. Alkiviadis C. Calivas as president of Hellenic College/Holy Cross School of Theology in Brookline Massachusetts. Father Calivas was first appointed to the faculty of Hellenic College/Holy Cross as an assistant professor in 1978. Subsequently, he served in a number of capacities including director of student affairs, chaplain, president of the Boston Theological Institute, and dean of the college. Born in Albania in 1932, he grew up in New York and completed his studies at Holy Cross in 1956. He served for twenty-two years as a parish priest. He has written numerous articles and essays, and is also the author of three books.

*** University Publishes Greek Studies Journal ***

The University of Minnesota under the auspices of its Greek Studies Program has recently published a double volume of its Modern Greek Studies Yearbook. The current issue is dedicated to Cyprus. The Yearbook is an interdisciplinary publication whose main objective is the dissemination of scholarly information in the field of modern Greek studies. Additionally, the yearbook serves as a forum for ongoing discussions regarding Greeks and their heritage, particularly those Greeks of the Diaspora. Theofanis G. Stavrou, editor of the yearbook, is a professor of history and director of Modern Greek Studies at the University of Minnesota. For further information contact (612) 624-4526, fax (612) 626-2242, or write to Modern Greek Studies Yearbook, University of Minnesota, 267 19th Ave. South, 35 Social Science Tower, Minneapolis, MN 55455.


*** English Language ***

SMOLDERING SMYRNA, by L. Kouroyen-Karagianis The Turkish forces move into Smyrna with death and destruction as their main objective. Thousands of people are butchered, homes and business are burned, and many thousands are left homeless. Polina's family witness the atrocities committed by the Turks. They seek refuge on board a ship to escape the conflict only to live in poverty among the already overcrowded citizens of mainland Greece. Polina's brothers who joined with the Greek army to fight the Turks, are never seen again. From her safe haven in Boston, Polina awaits for news from her family, telling her four children about the once beautiful Smyrna that she called home. Told with pathos and drama, this novel reminds the reader that the hatred which destroyed Smyrna is still alive. 172 pgs, 5.7x8.7, Cloth $ 17.95

TRICKSTER IN THE LAND OF DREAMS, by Zeese Papanikolas The author forges seemingly disparate events and movements in western history - including some of its strangest and most exotic strains - into a coherent whole by examining them against the laughter and wisdom of Shoshonean trickster tales. Seen against these tales, the West becomes both a canvas for the projection of dreams of utopia and the site of their shattered remains. Papanikolas undertakes a dramatic retelling of Shoshoni creation stories and examines, along with other topics, the mythologies embedded in the "Dream Mine" of Mormon folklore, the heroic images of cowboys and Woblies, the MX missile, the dark side of Oz, the Las Vegas of tourists, dam builders, and gamblers. 184 pgs, 6.3x9.2, Cloth, $ 22.50

VIDEO: ANCIENT GREECE: THE TRADITIONS OF GREEK CULTURE Filmed on location across Greece, these illuminating programs present the religion, architecture, art and customs of Greek culture which have survived throughout its 4,000-year history. Covering subjects as diverse as mining in ancient Greece to Greek firewalking to a profile of Bacchus, the God of Wine, this absorbing program gives you a unique perspective into the many facets of this magnificent culture. The programs give the modern viewer a fresh perspective into the many facets of ancient Greek culture in a video format which is visually and intellectually appealing. This unique video presentation affords us the opportunity to witness the traditions which are the foundations of Western Civilization. Directed by Zinon Ramos VHS Color, 2 hours on 2 videocassettes, $ 59.95

VIDEO: ANCIENT MYSTERIES, THE ODYSSEY OF TROY With high-tech evidence, scientific analysis and the most recent developments, "Ancient Myths" pushes the frontier of investigation to the cutting edge. More than 3,000 years after Troy's fabled fall, its legends still baffle scholars and ignite controversy. Now, startling discoveries shed new light on the lasting mysteries of the Trojan Horse, Helen of Troy and Achilles. It's an astonishing expedition into the ancient myth that adds an intriguing new chapter to this immortal story. VHS Color, 50 minutes, $ 19.95

VIDEO: MACEDONIA, THE LAND OF A GOD Journey to the remote past for an in-depth look into the cultural history of Macedonia. Explore all of the museums and excavations in the cities of the kingdom under the reigns of Philip II and Alexander the Great. This definitive series on Macedonia has been praised both for its authenticity and scholarly content. The programs were made under the archaeological consultantship of the Greek scholar of classical archaeology, Dimitri Pandermalis, Director of the excavations for Mt. Olympus at Dion. Directed by Zinon Ramos VHS Color, 3.5 hours on 2 videocassettes, $ 59.95

*** Greek Language ***

TA ANISXYRA PSEYDH TOY ORESTH HALKOPOULOU Me kivntro tn grafn o Mntsou parousiazei autn tn fora eva suntomo muthistornma opou asxoleitai ek bathewv me tis evvoies alntheia kai psema. O Orestns dingeitai tnv istoria tou me aformn tnv kataktnsn mias guvaikas, alla gohteuetai o idios toso polu apo tnv afngnsn tou pou, paroti exei emfavei sumparastatn kai arwgo tov suggrafea pou leitourgei ws deutern fwvn safws merolnptousa uper tou nrwa tou, favtazei sto telos apogumnwmevos kai pseudns. Oi xaraktnres kai h istoria leitourgouv mallov gia tnv ypobonthnsn evos dokimiakou sxnmatos, gi auto kai moiazouv na pairvouv upostasn movo mesa apo tis nmerologiakes snmeiwseis tns Fwteivns, tns mnteras tou Orestn. 210 selides, Paper, 1995, $ 16.50

KLEMMENH ZWH, tou Arn Fakivou Otav oi fakeloi katastrafnkav priv apo merika xrovia, merikoi palioi agwvistes eidav autn tnv epixeirnsn ws mia apopeira va tous klepsouv to parelthov tous. Oi palioi agwvistes pikraivovtai apo tov tropo pou avaluovtai snmera ta gegovota, eidika metatnv katareusn twv avatolikwv kathestwtwv, kai mesa apo avadromes sto parelthov kai tis olozwvraves mvnmes pou kratouv mesa tou, avarwtiouvtai pws o kosmos dev tha apempolhsei th Mvnmn tou. Me glafurn realistikn afngnsn o suggrafeas thigei eva euaisthnto thema pou katarrakwvei tous palious aristerous, alla tautoxrova thigei kai eva eurutero zntnma pou sxetizetai me tnv eukolia pou oi laoi eivai prothumoi va parablepsoun gegovota pou snmadepsav tnv istoria tous. 232 selides, Paper, 1995, $ 19.50

H NYXTA, tou Tsou Falkou Mvnmes apo tn Mikrasia apotupwvovtai s' autes tis autoteleis afngnseis. Zwvtaveuei mia oloklnrn epoxn, mia epoxn pou xarakse aveksitnla tn veotern istoria mas. O suggrafeas xrnsimopoiei stoixeia apo to vtokoumevto kai tn marturia ki epidiwkei tnv ekfrastikn litotnta. Etsi katorthwvei va megistopoinsei tnv evtasn xwris katholou va katafeugei se suvaisthnmatikes akrotntes ki evtupwsiasmous. Therapwv sugxrovws tns istorias kai tns logotexvias, o syggrafeas epeksergazetai peristatika alnthiva kai suvthetei to profil tns mikrasiatikns katastrofns apofeugovtas tnv uperboln. Prokeitai gia tn semvn katathesn evos avthrwpou pou mporese va sullabei ti snmaivei ellnvikotnta. 116 selides, Paper, 1995, $ 10.95

PYRINH ROMFAIA, tns Kristns Stasivopoulou S' evav kosmo pou thelei va faivetai paraksevos - efoson elaxista peithei gia tnv authevtikotnta tou - oi nrwes suvavtiouvtai kai drouv katw apo to ameilikto blemma tns sklnrns Eimarmevns, mesa se mia plokn vomoteleiaka diagegrammevn. Se avtithesn me tov upaiviktiko logo twv dingnmatwv tns, n suggrafeas, kathodngei me uperbolikes upodeikseis tov avagvwstn, aplwvei ta logia kai tis perigrafes askopa, upovomeuovtas th duvamn tous, proballei uper to deov tis movtervistikes filogoksies tns suggrafns tns. 300 selides,Paper, 1995, $ 16.50

TO SKOTEINO DWMATIO, tns Elevns Apostolidou H istoria mias polubasavismevns guvaikas, opws tn dingeitai n suggrafeas stis suvtrofisses tns, sto thalamo ergotherapeias evos eidikou vosokomeiou. To biblio apotelei eva pavorama tns guvaikeias psuxologias kai moiazei m'evav aisthavtiko umno pros timnv tns guvaikas. O logos tns Apostolidou, smilemevos me meraki ki eusuveidnsia thumizei tnv teleiotnta davtelas. To ufos tns peritexva, alla konpso, gonteuei. 208 selides, Paper, 1995, $ 13.95


  1. Deka Mythoi kai mia Istoria, by N. Papandreou
  2. H Proba tou Nyfikou, by N. Giannakopoulou
  3. Oi Palioi Symmathntes, by L. Papadopoulos
  4. Evas Skoufos Apo Porfura, by M. Douka
  5. Klemmevn Zwn, by M. Fakinos
  6. To Trito Stefani by K. Taxtsns
  7. Amav Amav by A. Papadaln
  8. To Ypsos twv Peristasewv
  9. Oi Komparsoi tns Odovns, by E. Omnroln
  10. Allnlouia, by Patakis


  1. Achilles Fiancee, by Alki Zei
  2. Modern Greek Poetry, by K. Friar
  3. Murderess, by A. Papadiamavtns
  4. The Beggar by A. Karkavitsas
  5. Greek Americans: Peoples series, by D. Monos
  6. Oxford Greek Dictionary,Pocket by Oxford University
  7. Oxford E-G Learner's Dictionary,by Oxford University
  8. The Greek Wine Guide by N. Manessis
  9. Oxford G-E Learner's Dictionary,by Oxford University
  10. The Greeks: Illustrated World History, by S. Peach



January 11 - February 10 * New York, NY - EXHIBIT The work of one of Greece's most important 20th century painters will be on display, "Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas: Prints, 1935-1975" at the Foundation for Hellenic Culture at 7 W 57th St. For gallery hours and information call (212) 308-6908.

January 17 - April 14 * New York, NY - EXHIBITION Rare and renowned works of Hellenistic sculpture are the subject of an exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art entitled "Pergamon: The Telephos Frieze from the Great Altar." For more information, call (212) 879-5500.

January 26-February 10 * Boston, MA - CINAMA FESTIVAL The New Greek Cinema Festival will be held at the Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave. For film schedule call (617) 369-3305.

February 3-6 * St. Augustine, FL - PILGRIMAGE The 14th annual pilgrimage to St. Photios Greek Orthodox Shrine. For further information and reservations call the St. Photios Foundation at (904) 829-8205.

February 4 * Boston, MA - MEDITERRANEAN DIET AND LONGEVITY The New England Hellenic Medical and Dental Society presents Dimitrios Trichopoulos, professor at Harvard School of Public Health who will speak at 3:00 PM, Auditorium A, Sackler Center for Health Communications, Tufts University School of Medicine, 145 Harrison Ave. For more information contact Dr. T.C. Theoharides at (617) 636-6866.

February 7 * New York, NY - LECTURE SERIES The Holy Trinity Cathedral Fellowship is hosting a series of lectures by the faculty of St. Vladimir's Seminary on "Forgiveness." The lectures will be presented at the Cathedral, 337 E 74th St. beginning at 7:30 PM. For more information call (516) 627-7813.

February 8-11 * Silver Creek, CO - CONFERENCE The Denver Diocese Young Adult League Members will host the seventh annual YAL show conference February 8-11, near Rocky Mountain National Park. Keynote speaker will be Rev. Lou Christopoulos dean of Annunciation Cathedral in Houston. His topic will be "Role of the Laity". For more information contact: Diocese of Denver, Office of Youth and Young Adult League Ministries. (303) 333-7794.

February 11 * Brooklyn, NY - LUNCHEON The philoptohos charities of Brooklyn and Staten Island will host a luncheon at the El Caribe Country Club, 5945 Strickland Ave. Proceeds from the event will go to the National Philoptochos Children's Cardiac Program. For information call (718) 624-0595.

February 12 * Washington, DC - BANQUET The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) will be hosting a Biennial Congressional Banquet. Honorees include President Bill Clinton, Senator Olympia Snowe and Congressman Ben Gilman. For information call (202) 232-6300.

February 22 - March 5 * New York - EXHIBITION The work of Yorghos Kontaxis will appear in a group exhibition "Classic Visionists" at the Cork Gallery, Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center for the Arts, Broadway and 65th St. Opening night reception is on February 27, from 4:30 to 6:30 PM. For further information call (212) 569-5362.

February 24 * Greenwich, CT - CARNAVALI The American Farm School is sponsoring Greek Carnavali 1996 to be held at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club. Reservations must be made by February 10. Tickets are $150 for adults, $75 for young adults and $50 for juniors. For further information contact Patty Mulhern at (212) 463-8434.

February 27 * Chicago, IL - LECTURE The Classical Art Society of the Art Institute of Chicago will present a lecture by Dr. Nancy Bookidis, The American School of Classical Studies, Athens, Greece, "Corinthian Terra-cotta Sculptures." The lecture will take place at the Art Institute of Chicago at 5:30 PM. For further information call (312) 443-3697.

March 11 * New York, NY - DEMONSTRATION The Greek American Women's Network and the Center for Marketing Communications to Women and Girls will sponsor a hands-on demonstration of the World Wide Web and other on-line computer technologies at the Cyber Cafe, 273 Lafayette St., 6:00 to 9:00 PM. Admission is $65.00, reservations a must. Contact (212) 626-6797.

March 15-17 * Tenafly, NJ - EXHIBITION "Art To Admire And Acquire" a group exhibition of Contemporary Greek American Women Artists sponsored by the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St John the Theologian. The exhibit is free of charge and open to the public. For further information call (201) 567-5072.

March 30 - August 11 * Atlanta, GA - EXHIBITION The Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University will present the exhibition "Nike: Competition and Victory at the Ancient Greek Festival Games," an exploration of the sacred competitions of the classical world. For further information call (404) 727-4292.

April 30 * Chicago, IL - LECTURE The Classical Art Society of the Art Institute of Chicago will sponsor a lecture by olga Palagia, University of Athens, Greece, "Two Sculptors Named Scopas." For further information call (312) 443-3697.


* If you would like to contribute feature articles, announce exhibits, events, lectures or any other activities on Greek literature and culture, to be included in this newsletter, please e-mail your material to GreekBooks@AOL.com or mail them to the attention of the H.L.S.

* Reviewed books may be purchased through the Greek Book Club of Cosmos Publishing Co., Inc. in cooperation with the Hellenic Literature Society. Members of the G.B. Club are entitled to discounts of 20% to 30% off the publisher's list price without any other obligations. Please send all book purchase requests, or requests for copies of the Greek Book Club's catalog to the H.L.S.

* Donations to the Hellenic Literature Society are tax deductible. Funds are used to promote the reading of Greek Literature; to organize Greek literary and cultural events; to endow libraries with books of Greek literature; to create & finance libraries at the schools of the Greek Diaspora; to finance scholarships and fellowships in Greek studies; to assist Greek authors publish their manuscripts; and, award an annual prize for excellence in Greek literature. If we are instructed to direct a donation to the library of a specific institution, books will be inscribed with the name of the donor and will be accompanied by an explanatory letter.

* Please advise us if you do not receive the biweekly issues of this newsletter in your private e-mail address, and you wish to continue to do so. We are receiving some "E-mail Undeliverable" notices. We will remove from the mailing list any address for which we receive three consecutive such notices.

This newsletter is made possible by the members of the Hellenic Literature Society who have contributed towards its publication, and by the support of:

Cosmos Publishing Company - NJ, 201-664-3494: Books of Greek subject matter (Mail order)

Foundation for Hellenic Culture - NY, 212-308-6908 Non-profit organization supporting Greek cultural activities.

The GreekAmerican - NY, 718-626-7676: Weekly Newspaper (in English)

The Greek American Monthly - PA, 412-366-9022 Monthly Newspaper (in English)

Greek American Women's Network - NJ, 201-944-4127 Provides support, contacts and shared information to women of Greek heritage.

Hellenic American Educators - NY, 212-777-7502 Educational organization affiliated with the United Federation of Teachers.

The Hellenic American Network - NJ, 201-664-3494: Mail order advertising, reaching over 1,000,000 Greek-Americans and 120,000 Greek-Canadians.

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