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A newsletter of Greek literature provided by the H.L.S. A non-profit organization GreekBooks@AOL.com - P.O. Box 2272, River Vale, NJ 07675 Tel. 201-666-7374; Fax 201-664-3402 February 15, 1996 - Year: 2, Issue:20



*** Anatolia Web Site ***

A new Web Site about the Greeks of Anatolia. A historical and contemporary portrait of a tragedy. The Web Site is under construction and everybody's feedback is needed. Please check: http: //www.busim.ee.boun.edu.tr/~esme/gr/

*** Byzantine Symposium ***

Dumbarton Oaks announces its annual Byzantine Symposium to take place on May 3 - 5. The theme of the 1996 Symposium, under the direction of Prof. John Duffy, will be: "Aesthetics and Presentation in Byzantine Literature, Art, and Music. In their papers, the seventeen invited speakers will examine a wide range of religious ans secular works from the sixth to the fourteenth century, exploring aesthetic issues and questions of form, presentation, and style. Among the topics and subject areas to be discussed are: Devotional Literature and Sacred Music; Epigrams and Art; Aesthetics of Space; Discourse and Narrative in Text and Image; and secular Aesthetic in Art and Literature. The following scholars are to speak at the symposium: P.A. Agapitos (Nicosia); M. Alexiou (Cambridge, MA); J.C. Anderson (Washington, DC); J. Duffy (Cambridge, MA); D. Frendo (Cork); T. Hagg (Bergen); C. Hahn (Tallahassee); Chr. Hannick (Wurzburg); E. Jeffreys (Oxford); A. Kazhdan/L. Sherry (Washington, DC); K. Levy (Princeton); A.R. Littlewood (Philadelphia); I. Sevcenko (Cambridge, MA); A.-M Talbot (Washington, DC); R. Webb (London/Princeton) The Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Symposium will be held in the Music Room at Dumbarton Oaks, 1703 32nd St. Northwest, Washington, DC on May 3rd through 5th, 1996. Registration forms for the Symposium are available from: Dumbarton Oaks, Byzantine Symposium, 1703 32nd St, NW, Washington DC 20007

*** Greek Folk Dance Festival ***

The 20th anniversary of the Greek Folk Dance Festival will be held in San Francisco, California from February 15 through 19, and will feature folk dance troupes from Macedonia, Cyprus, Crete, Thrace and Pontus, among other regions. Over 2000 dancers, ranging in age from 5 to 50, will participate and compete over the four days. The dancers will perform before a panel of judges who will rate them on everything from precision and presentation to styling and authenticity of traditional Greek folk dances. Musicians playing traditional Greek folk music will accompany the dancers during their performances. For the first time, the Festival will introduce a choral competition. Groups will perform sacred music. Greek Folk music and a selection of its own choosing. The Festival will take place at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel. For further information, contact Perry Paraskevas at (415) 508-8585.

*** Greece In Print - 1996 ***

The Hellenic Literature Society in cooperation with the Hellenic American Educators/UFT announces "GREECE IN PRINT, 1996". This event is the first major Book Exhibit of Greek Literature and Culture in North America. The event will take place on Saturday and Sunday September 21 and 22, 1996 at the United Federation of Teachers Building located at 260 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010. "GREECE IN PRINT, 1996" will exhibit a large selection of books (several thousand) printed in both English and Greek. Visitors to the exhibit will have the opportunity to browse and explore a variety of themes such as: art, children's books, classical studies, cookbooks, culture, Greek-American studies, history, language courses, literature & fiction, modern Greek Studies, philosophy, poetry, religion, schoolbooks, travel guides, women's studies, as well as educational and cultural audio and video cassettes and computer software. During the course of this two day exhibition, noted authors and scholars will conduct lectures and workshops on site. This effort will be made a reality through the volunteer efforts of Greeks and philhellenes alike. With the support of all of us the treasures of Greece will be presented for all to share. A lasting gift through the written word. The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Hellenic Literature Society request your support and patronage. We urge you to become part of it. Donations to the Hellenic Literature Society are tax deductible.

*** Greek Playwright Maria Lampadaridou Pothou ***

Two weeks of events centering on the Greek Playwright Maria Lampadaridou Pothou will take place from Thursday February 8 through Sunday February 18 at California State University at Hayward. Ms. Lampadaridou will be featured in a symposium and a seminar and other events. At UC-B there will be readings of Greek poetry in Greek and English by Ms. Lampadaridou, Theony Condos, Maria Kotzamanidou, Thanasis Maskaleris, and Rhoda Kaufman. For other events, times, and ticket information, contact Dept. of Theatre and Dance, CSU-Hayward at (510) 885-3118.

*** Greek State Scholarship Foundation ***

The Greek State Scholarship Foundation announces that it will offer ten scholarships to foreign nationals (both of non-Greek and Greek descent) who are currently teaching or conducting research at Centers of Greek Studies around the world. The scholarship will be granted to enable them to pursue research in Greece in the areas of the Greek language, literature, philosophy, history and art. The Greek Scholarships Foundations will also offer up to eight scholarships to USA, Canada, Australia and Japan nationals to pursue graduate studies at Greek Universities. The age of the applicants should not exceed 35 years old. The deadline for applications is March 31, 1996. For further information and applications forms, please contact the State Scholarship Foundation (I.K.Y.), 14 Lyssikratous St., GR-10558 Athens, Greece. Phone: (01) 325-4385; fax: (01) 322-1863.

*** Greek Summer Program ***

The Greek Summer program, sponsored by the American Farm School of Thessaloniki, is now accepting applications for the summer of 1996. Students visit the spectacular "monasteries of the Air" at Meteora and some of the most famous arcaeological sites in the world, including Delphi, Olympia and the Acropolis. Stops on islands in the Aegean and a two-day climb to the summit of Mt. Olympus are also part of the program. The American Farm School of Thessaloniki is a world-renowned agricultural training center. For more than 90 years, The Farm School has prepared Greek students for successful careers in agribusiness through rigorous academics and first-hand practical experience. For further information about the Greek Summer program call (212) 463-8434. Applications are being accepted through April.

*** Photo Exhibit at Onassis Center ***

New York University's Alexander S. Onassis Center for Hellenic Studies is currently presenting an exhibition by the photographer Brian Theis entitled "City of Desire: The Vision of C.P. Cavafy," with new translations of Cavafy's poems by Daniel Mendelsohn. "City of Desire" marries Theis's photographic imagery inspired by the gay subculture of 1990s New York to the poetry of Constantine Cavafy (1863-1933), one of Europe's leading poets of the early twentieth century. Brian Theis is an accomplished New York photographer and curator. His photographs explore architectural, still life and figure subjects. Daniel Mendelsohn, writer-in-residence at the Onassis Center, is a New York based writer and critic. The exhibit will run through March 8. Contact the Onassis Center for gallery hours at (212) 998-3990.


*** English Language ***

THE FOUR SEASONS OF GREEK PHILOSOPHY, by Maureen O'Sullivan Warm and lucid, yet intolerant of hum-bug-Maureen O'Sullivan traces the birth of Greek Philosophy and its consequences for the World - commencing with Thales in the Milesian Spring - continuing through the Socratic Summer and the Platonic Autumn - up to the final culmination and death of the spirit of Greek Intellectualism with the Stoic Winter of Discontent and the Decline of the Greek Civilization. Brilliantly analyzing those concepts and events which formed the basis of Western Thought, this book depicts the lives and theories of those men - who - in their quest for wisdom and knowledge over two thousand years ago- proved to be such a decisive influence on the way we think and behave today. 240 pages, 4.6x7.2 inches, Paper $ 9.50

GREECE 1940-41: EYEWITNESSED, by C.N. Hadjipateras & M.S. Fafalios The book is an anthology of oral and written testimonies of survivors, Greek, British, men of the Commonwealth, italians and Germans, supported by diaries , poems, photographs, sketches and authentic material shedding light to that miraculous episode of the last war which, as expressed at the time by Marshal J. Smuts, changed the flow of World War II. In fact, the Greek campaign which together with the subsequent Battle of Crete lasted seven entire months, greatly contributed in turning the tide of the war in favour of the Allies. 293 pages, 4.7x7.1 inches, Paper, $ 14.25

GREEK POETRY TRANSLATIONS, by M. Byron Raizis An anthology of Greek poetry - in the original and in Raizis poetic translation - ranging from Solomos and Kazantzakis to Seferis and Christianopoulos, that demonstrates the challenges and individual resolutionsdemanded by effective verse translation. The scope and eloquence of these translations etch well the richness of modern Greek poetry. 248 pages, 5.0x7.5 inches, Paper, $ 13.25

INTRODUCTION TO CAVAFY, KAZANTZAKIS, RITSOS, by Peter Bien The author gives the reader a sence of Cavafys quality. He relates the poetry to the mans strange life and to the course of Greek history in his lifetime. In concise form, he manages, among the plethora of Kazantzakiss books, to set his aim at main targets and to come to grips with central problems. Also, his indroduction to Ritsos is excellent. 125 pages, 4.7x7.3 inches, Paper, $ 7.00

JOURNEY OF PURPOSE, by Paul Tsongas In this inspiring book, one of the most respected senior figures in American politics defines his political philosophy for the country as we approach the end of the twentieth century. For many years Tsongas has stressed the virtues of economic growth, fiscal responcibility, and social inclusiveness. He noe tells us how we can achieve these goals if responcible politicians and ordinary citizens view the future as a "journey of purpose" 114, pages, 5.0x8.7 inches, Cloth, $ 16.00

*** Greek Language ***

THEATRO, by Alki Zei O Keramodotrexalos. Eleuthern diaskeun apo to muthistornma tns Astrivt Lintkren "O Karlsov kai o Mpompiras stn stegn. Matias o Prwtos: Ta paidia stn bouln, oi megaloi sto skamni. Stixoi tragoudiwv. Ksevia Kalogeropoulou. 134 pages, 5.5x8.2 inches, Paper, $ 10.25

H MWB OMPRELA, by Alki Zei H Eleutheria, eva dekaxrovo koritsi, zei me tous goveis tns kai ta diduma mikrotera aderfia tns sto Marousi. Tote, to teleutaio kalokairi priv apo tov polemo tou 1940. Ligosta ta paixvidia tous: boloi, sboures, skoivaki. Paizouv oloi mazi kai skarwvouv me tn favtasia tous xilies duo istories pou mageuouv kai tous idious. Kai posa alla dev tha ekavav kai de tha oveireuovtan av dev tous empodizan oi megaloi! Oi megaloi kai ta paidia. Duo kosmoi makrivoi, sxedov aplhsiastoi. Me tous dikous tous vomous kai tis dikes tous alhthies o kathevas. Pws, loipov, va katalabouv oi megaloi oti mia mwb omprela mporei va kavei th favtasia twv paidiwv va kalpazei axalivwth? 254 pages, 5.5x8.3 inches, Paper, $ 15.95


  1. Deka Mythoi kai mia Istoria, by N. Papandreou
  2. H Proba tou Nyfikou, by N. Giannakopoulou
  3. Oi Palioi Symmathntes, by L. Papadopoulos
  4. Evas Skoufos Apo Porfura, by M. Douka
  5. Klemmevn Zwn, by M. Fakinos
  6. To Trito Stefani by K. Taxtsns
  7. Amav Amav by A. Papadaln
  8. To Ypsos twv Peristasewv
  9. Oi Komparsoi tns Odovns, by E. Omnroln
  10. Allnlouia, by Patakis


  1. Paidika Biblia Disney, by Terzopoulos
  2. Aesop's Fables, illustrated by T. Hamilton
  3. Low Fat Greek Cookbook, by L. Gatzounis
  4. The Great Alexander the Great, by J. Lasker
  5. Greek Americans: Peoples Series, by D. Monos
  6. The Greeks: Illustrated World History, by S. Peach
  7. Oxford Greek Dictionary,Pocket by Oxford University
  8. Balkan Ghosts, by R. D. Kaplan
  9. Odyssey, illustrated by R. Payne
  10. Timeless Myths,illustrated by R. Payne



January 17 - April 14 * New York, NY - EXHIBITION Rare and renowned works of Hellenistic sculpture are the subject of an exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art entitled "Pergamon: The Telephos Frieze from the Great Altar." For more information, call (212) 879-5500.

February 15 - 25 * New York, NY - THEATER La MaMa will present the US premiere of "Three Stories of the Honorable Flower," a New Music chamber opera by French composer Maurice Ohana and directed by K. Alex Alatsis. La MaMa is located at 74A East Fourth St. For ticket information call (212) 475-7710.

February 16 * San Francisco, CA - MUSIC The Greek Orthodox Diocese of San Francisco will present "Musical Poetics," an evening of music and poetry featuring the work of composer Panagiotis Konstantakopoulos and the poetry of Nikiphoros Vrettakos at 8 PM at the Masonic Auditorium, 1111 California St. Donations for the event are $20 for adults and $10 for children under 12. For reservations call (415) 492-8261.

February 17 * San Francisco, CA - MUSIC The world renowned Byzantine Chorale of the Kykkos Monastery of Cyprus will perform rarely heard ancient liturgical chants in a concert entitled "Sacred Music - 1600 years of Tradition" at 8:00 PM at the Marriott Hotel, 55 Fourth St. Ticket prices are $15 for adults and $10 for children under 12. For further information call Nick Tarlson, (415) 956-5700 or Dr. Tikey Zes., (408) 723-0640.

February 19 * Berkeley, CA - GREEK SHADOW THEATER Performance of Karaghiozis in Greek and English at Caffe Odyssia, 1849 Shattuck Ave. (at Hearst) in Berkeley. Leonidas Kassapides and Christine Navratilova will perform two plays. 8:30 and 9:15 PM. Admission $10.00 general, $5 student. Sponsored by the Center for Modern Greek Studies. (415) 338-1892.

February 22 * New York - READING The Alexander S. Onassis Center for Hellenic Studies, 58 W 10th St., is sponsoring a poetry reading by the Athenian poet Katerina Angelaki-Rooke at 7:30 PM. For information call (212) 998-3990.

February 22 * Cambridge, MA - THEATER The Greek Institute Players, under the direction of Professor Fenno Hoffman, will present Euripides's "The Bacchae" in the English translation by Professor Francis Blessington at 8:00 PM. The Greek Institute, 1038 Massachusetts Ave., (617) 547-4770.

February 22 - March 5 * New York - EXHIBITION The work of Yorghos Kontaxis will appear in a group exhibition "Classic Visionists" at the Cork Gallery, Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center for the Arts, Broadway and 65th St. Opening night reception is on February 27, from 4:30 to 6:30 PM. For further information call (212) 569-5362.

February 24 * Greenwich, CT - CARNAVALI The American Farm School is sponsoring Greek Carnavali 1996 to be held at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club. Reservations must be made by February 10. Tickets are $150 for adults, $75 for young adults and $50 for juniors. For further information contact Patty Mulhern at (212) 463-8434.

February 25 * Lexington, MA - READING The Cultural and Spiritual Life Committee of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church is sponsoring a reading by author Niki Billiris, 7:00 PM at St. Nicholas, 17 Meriam St.

February 25 - March 2 * New York, NY - THEATER The Alexander S. Onassis Center for Hellenic Studies will present the play "Rifts in Silence: How Daring is Taught" produced and directed by Christiana Lambrinidis. American Theater of Actors, 314 West 54th St. For reservations call (212) 998-3994.

February 26 * Cambridge, MA - READING The Modern Greek Literature and Culture Seminar is sponsoring a reading by the Athenian poet Katerina Angelaki-Rooke, "Recent Trends in Greek Women's Poetry," 7:00 PM, 61 Kirkland St. For information call (617) 495-7783.

February 27 * Chicago, IL - LECTURE The Classical Art Society of the Art Institute of Chicago will present a lecture by Dr. Nancy Bookidis, The American School of Classical Studies, Athens, Greece, "Corinthian Terra-cotta Sculptures." The lecture will take place at the Art Institute of Chicago at 5:30 PM. For further information call (312) 443-3697.

February 28 * New York, NY - FILM "Ulysses' Gaze" by internationally renowned Greek film director Theodoros Angelopoulos and starring Harvey Keitel will be shown for one night only in the New York City metropolitan area at the Angelika 57, 225 W 57th St., at 9:00 PM. For ticket information call (212) 586-1900.

March 6 - April 7 * New York, NY - CINEMA Gregory J. Markopoulos: Mythic Themes, portraiture and Films of Place, at the Whitney Museum of American Art, will feature the works of one of the most

March 11 * New York, NY - DEMONSTRATION The Greek American Women's Network and the Center for Marketing Communications to Women and Girls will sponsor a hands-on demonstration of the World Wide Web and other on-line computer technologies at the Cyber Cafe, 273 Lafayette St., 6:00 to 9:00 PM. Admission is $65.00, reservations a must. Contact (212) 626-6797.

March 15-17 * Tenafly, NJ - EXHIBITION "Art To Admire And Acquire" a group exhibition of Contemporary Greek American Women Artists sponsored by the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St John the Theologian. The exhibit is free of charge and open to the public. For further information call (201) 567-5072.

March 30 - August 11 * Atlanta, GA - EXHIBITION The Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University will present the exhibition "Nike: Competition and Victory at the Ancient Greek Festival Games," an exploration of the sacred competitions of the classical world. For further information call (404) 727-4292.

April 30 * Chicago, IL - LECTURE The Classical Art Society of the Art Institute of Chicago will sponsor a lecture by olga Palagia, University of Athens, Greece, "Two Sculptors Named Scopas." For further information call (312) 443-3697.

May 24 * Chicago, IL - LECTURE Marianne McDonald, Professor of Theater and Classics at the University of California, San Diego will speak on "Ancient Theatre in Modern Times: Japanese and Greek Classical Drama," at Fullerton Hall, The Art Institute of Chicago, 111 S Michigan Ave. Co-sponsored by the Classical Art Society and The Art Institute of Chicago. For more information call (312) 443-3697.


* If you would like to contribute feature articles, announce exhibits, events, lectures or any other activities on Greek literature and culture, to be included in this newsletter, please e-mail your material to GreekBooks@AOL.com or mail them to the attention of the H.L.S.

* Reviewed books may be purchased through the Greek Book Club of Cosmos Publishing Co., Inc. in cooperation with the Hellenic Literature Society. Members of the G.B. Club are entitled to discounts of 20% to 30% off the publisher's list price without any other obligations. Please send all book purchase requests, or requests for copies of the Greek Book Club's catalog to the H.L.S.

* Donations to the Hellenic Literature Society are tax deductible. Funds are used to promote the reading of Greek Literature; to organize Greek literary and cultural events; to endow libraries with books of Greek literature; to create & finance libraries at the schools of the Greek Diaspora; to finance scholarships and fellowships in Greek studies; to assist Greek authors publish their manuscripts; and, award an annual prize for excellence in Greek literature. If we are instructed to direct a donation to the library of a specific institution, books will be inscribed with the name of the donor and will be accompanied by an explanatory letter.

* Please advise us if you do not receive the biweekly issues of this newsletter in your private e-mail address, and you wish to continue to do so. We are receiving some "E-mail Undeliverable" notices. We will remove from the mailing list any address for which we receive three consecutive such notices.

This newsletter is made possible by the members of the Hellenic Literature Society who have contributed towards its publication, and by the support of:

Cosmos Publishing Company - NJ, 201-664-3494: Books of Greek subject matter (Mail order)

Foundation for Hellenic Culture - NY, 212-308-6908 Non-profit organization supporting Greek cultural activities.

The GreekAmerican - NY, 718-626-7676: Weekly Newspaper (in English)

The Greek American Monthly - PA, 412-366-9022 Monthly Newspaper (in English)

Greek American Women's Network - NJ, 201-944-4127 Provides support, contacts and shared information to women of Greek heritage.

Hellenic American Educators - NY, 212-777-7502 Educational organization affiliated with the United Federation of Teachers.

The Hellenic American Network - NJ, 201-664-3494: Mail order advertising, reaching over 1,000,000 Greek-Americans and 120,000 Greek-Canadians.

Australia           15             Israel               3
Brazil	             1		   Italy                3
Canada              22             Japan                2
Cyprus		     1             Netherlands          1
Denmark              2             New Zealand          2
Finland              1             Norway               1
France               8             Singapore            1
Germany		     2             Slovenija            1
Greece              23             Sweden               1
Hong Kong            1             Switzerland          4
Hungary              2             Turkey               1
Ireland              2             United Kingdom      35
                                   United States      322

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