Background history

The idea behind the World Hellenic Bio-Medical Association was conceived a few years ago by members of the Hellenic Medical Society in the UK. Four World Conferences have been organised since1990. There is a growing interest in the idea and activities of the Association and more societies have now joined in, creating links amongst doctors and scientists around the World.

The Association has launched an official journal called the HELLENIC MEDICAL JOURNAL, during the 4th World Hellenic Bio-Medical Conference in Cyprus, in October 1996. The journal will be given to members as part of their subscription.

Doctors and other Biomedical scientists wishing to become members, are advised to join through their local Hellenic Medical or Scientific Societies. Where such Societies do not exist, they can join as individuals by writing to the address of the Association:

The World Hellenic BioMedical Association
3 Stanhope Gardens
London SW7 5RG
United Kingdom

or by e-mail:

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