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The HELLENIC MEDICAL JOURNAL will be published twice a year. Scientific papers to be submitted to:
Dr D. Mikhailidis, Editor in chief

Chairman: Professor G. Panayi (UK)
Editor-in-Chief: D.P. Mikhailidis (UK)
  • A. Nicolaides (UK)
  • A. Epenetos (UK)
  • N. Bouras (UK)
  • M. Tsapogas (USA)
  • G. Chrousos (USA)
  • Th. Mountokalakis (GR)
  • H. Moutsopoulos (GR)
  • S. Krilis (Australia)
  • S. Nicolaidis (France)
  • D. Economides (UK)
Editorial Board:
  • D. Trichopoulos (USA)
  • A. Adam (UK)
  • K. Nicolaides (UK)
  • N. Madias (USA)
  • H. Boudoulas (USA)
  • G. Farmakides(USA)
  • I. Bassukas (Germany)
  • G. Gregoriadis (UK)
  • S. Avrameas (France)
  • E. Mossialos (UK)
  • D. Cokkinos (GR)
  • C. Proukakis (GR)
  • T.C. Theoharides (USA)
  • P. Kymissis (USA)
Meetings Editor: D. Kardamakis (GR)
Ex-Officio Members of the Editorial Board:
  • The President of the Hellenic Medical Society
  • UK Presidents of other Hellenic Medical Societies who will be associated with the journal
Publishers: Smith-Gordon and Company Limited, 13 Shalcomb Street, London 5W10 0HZ, UK
Tel: +44(0)171 351 7042 Fax: +44(0)171 351 1250
Copyright Smith-Gordon IS SN: 1365-7291
Advertising enquiries should be directed to the publishers, Smith-Gordon and Company, at the address given above.
Publication of Volume 1 (1997) will be in two parts. Issue 1 will be dated January, but will be available in October 1996. Issue 2 will be dated July 1997.
Subscriptions are available through usual agents or direct from the publishers, Smith-Gordon, at the following address: Subscription Department, 47 Worthing Road, East Preston, Nr Worthing, West Sussex BN16 1DE, UK.
Subscription rates for 1997 are: USA and Canada, personal $27.50, institutional $35; UK and overseas, personal 15 and institutional 20.

The contents of the first issue of the HELLENIC MEDICAL JOURNAL include:

Hellenic Medical Journal
Volume 1, Number 1, pp 1-52. January 1997


HMJ will publish original research papers as well as brief and comprehensive reviews on a broad variety of bio-medical themes. Spelling. Use the Oxford English Dictionary (UK) or Webster's Dictionary (USA).

Four copies of each paper are required: the top copy must be an original and be free of written comments or marks. If you wish to make changes to the typescript, these should be added to copies 2-4. Three sets of illustrations are required. Only one set need be suitable for reproduction, the other sets can be good quality photocopies. We welcome IBM-compatible discs. Please note that the requirements in this paragraph do not entail direct reproduction from authors' camera-ready copy, but relate only to the data capture stage of type-setting by means of optical character recognition.
Typescripts must be double-spaced on one side of the paper only, including the title page, text (organized using appropriate headings introduction, methods, results, discussion etc), acknowledgements, references, Tables (each table to appear on a new page), and Figure captions. Fach manuscript component must begin on a new page.
On the title page include: title; subtitle '(if any); initials and surname of each author; name of authors' departments and institutions, city and country.
On a separate page, repeat the title and authors' names and give the full name, postal address, telephone number and fax number of the author who will be responsible for all correspondence regarding the manuscript, proofs and offprints. . . . This is essential.

Submission implies that all material is free from copyright restriction. If figures have been pre-viously published elsewhere, authors are requested to obtain permission for reproduction and to attach these letters of permission to the typescript.

Please explain any abbreviations unless immediately obvious.

References should be typed doubled spaced, consecutively, beginning on a new page. Use the Vancouver' style of references. In the text use superior numbers (or numbers in parentheses if superiors are not available). List the references at the end of the typescript, numerically, in the order in which they are referred to in the text. Examples of reference style are as follows. Please note that no italic or bold is required in references. Do not underline any part. Use capital letters sparingly.

  1. Brown AJ, Roberts OCK. Erythrocyte EPA as a marker for intake of fish and fish oil. Eorl Clin Nutr 1990; 44: 487488.
  2. Swanson CA, Loognecker MP, Veillon C. Relation of selenium intake, age, gender, and smoking to indices of selenium status residing in a seleniferous area, AmJ Gun Nutr 1991: in press.
  3. Willett WC. The use of hiomarkers in nutritional epidemiology In: Kok FJ, veer Pv, eds. Biomarkers of dietary exposure. London Smith-Gordon, 1991; 9-14.
  4. Fildes vA. Breasts, bottles and babies. A history of infant feeding. Edinbourgh: Fdinbourgh University Press, 1986.

Figures and tables:
Illustrations should be carefully chosen and make a valid point in the construction of the article, otherwise they may be omitted. Half-tone figures should be submitted as photographs (glossy prints). Colour reproduction will not be possible unless the cost is met by the contributor; please contact the publishers for further details. Where possible, in the interests of speedy publication illustrations must be sup-plied in the size in which they will he reproduced. This will correspond to a single column width (8lmm) or occasionally double column (67mm). Figures larger than this will be reduced; please take account of this when considering the size of lettering, the thickness of ntles and lines and the density of tints and hatching. Legends should be typed consecutively and double spaced on a separate sheet of paper. Tables should he typed double-spaced on separate sheets, with number and title. Omit internal horizontal and vertical lines.

Numbers one to ten are spelled out in full unless used in conjunction with units (eg 5 ml, 6 mm, but five patients), numbers above ten appear as 11, 101, 1001, 10001 - please note no commas or points, but spaces in five-figure numbers. Also (example above) eg and ie will be printed without stops.
Editorial address to which manuscripts should be sent:

Dr DP Mikhailidis
Department of Chemical Pathology and Human Metabolism
Royal Free Hospital
Pond Street
London NW3 2QG
United Kingdom.

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