The "Macedonian Question"

Notes to the Introduction

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1. The institutional firman included a controversial stipulation; that in the future, other provinces of the vilayets of Monastir and Thessaloniki could also be placed under the jurisdiction of the Exarchate, if all the inhabitants or at least two-thirds requested it. This clause, as a matter of course, later caused much friction between Greeks and Bulgarians, as well as armed interventions by the Bulgarians, because the clause became an instrument of political propaganda: For the establishment of the Bulgarian Exarchate and its repercussions, see Maria Nystazopoulou-Pelekidou: Οι Βαλκανικοί Λαοί. Από τήν τουρκική κατάκτηση στήν εθνική αποκατάσταση, 14ος-19ος αι.2 (= The Balkan Peoples. From the Turkish Conquest to the National Emancipation, 14th-19th c.) (Thessaloniki, 1991), pp.213-222.

2. Re the Treaty of San Stefano, the Treaty of Berlin and their repercussions, see among others M. Laskaris, Τό Ανατολικόν Zήτημα 1800-1923 (= The Eastern Question, 1800-1923) (Thessaloniki, 1948), pp. 291-300. Maria Nystazopoulou-Pelekidou, The Balkan Peoples, op. cit., pp. 262-272.

3. Ibid., p.287.

4. I note selectively: N. Vlachos, Τό Μακεδονικόν ως φάσις τού Ανατολικού Zητήματος, 1878-1908 (= The Macedonian Question as a Phase of the Eastern Question, 1878-1908) (Athens, 1953). L. S. Stavrianos, Balkan Federation. A History of the Movement toward Blkn Unity in Modern Times (Hamden-Connecticut, 1964), and mainly ch.g "Macedonia versus Balkan Unity, 1878-1902", pp. 123-151, with the bibliography. D. Djordjevic, Revolutions nationales des peuples Balkaniques, 1803-1914 (Belgrade, 1965); in particular for Macedonia, see pp. 105-109, 146-150, 166-175, 194 et sq. D. Dakin, The Greek Struggle in Macedonia, 1897-1913 (Thessaloniki, 1966). K. Vacalopoulos, Ο βόρειος Ελληνισμός κατά τήν πρώιμη φάση του Μακεδονικού Αγώνα, 1878-1894 (= Northern Hellenism During the Early Phase of the Macedonian Struggle, 1878-1894) (Thessaloniki, 1983). Idem, Νεώτερη Ιστορία τής Μακεδονίας, 1830-1912 (= Modern History of Macedonia, 1830-1912) (Thessaloniki, 1986). N. Martis, Η πλαστογράφηση τής Ιστορίας τ\;ς Μακεδονίας (= The Falsification of the History of Macedonia) (Athens, 1983) and, below, the notes 93 and 94. See also the related publications of the Society for Macedonian Studies, the publications of the Institute of Balkan Studies, and the articles in the journals Makedonika [= Μακεδονικά] and Balkan Studies. The related Bulgarian and Yugoslav bibliography is most extensive: Specifically see the presentations, book reviews and translations in the bibliographical publications of the Isntitute of Balkan Studies and in the journal Balkan Studies.

5. The official position of Yugoslav "Macedonia" is expounded in the publications of the "Institute of National History" of Skopje and especially in the thre-volume work Istorija na Makedonskijot Narod (= History of the Macedonian Nation) (Skopje, 1969). For a detailed survey on this subject, see Ev. Kofos, Η Μακεδονία στήν Γιουγκοσλαβική Ιστοριογραφία (= Macedonia in the Yugoslav Historiography), Publication of the Society for Macedonian Studies, No 24 (Thessaloniki, 1974) from which I drew useful elements. See also Ev. Kofos, Ο Μακεδονικός Αγώνας στη Γιουγκοσλαβική Ιστοριογραφία (= The Macedonian Struggle in the Yugoslav Historiography) (Thessaloniki, 1987).


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