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by S. Hood, 311 pgs, 237 illustrations, 5.8x8.4, Paper A comprehensive survey of how the Aegean peoples expressed themselves during a period of some five thousand years after the end of the bronze age and before the rise of classical Greek art.


by C. Mango, 215 pgs, 8.7x9.5, Paper This informative and inteligent account traces the history of Byzantine architecture from the early basilicas of the fourth century through the eventual diffusion of the style's power in Europe. Chapters focus on topics such as the role of the architect, the workman, and the patron; ecclesiastical architecture; and Byzantine cities.


by J.L. Fitton, 72 pgs, 8.5x8.5, Paper At the dawn of European history, 3000 BC, the group of small Greek islands in the southern Aegean was the home of a remarkable culture. Sculptures and other works in the British and Greek museums.


by C. Renfrew, 208 pgs, 183 color illustrations, maps, 9x11, Cloth Masterpieces from the Nicholas P. Goulandris collection.


by I. Hutter, 191 pages, 6x8.6 inches,, 155 photos, Paper The greatness of Early Christian and Byzantine art - including architecture, panel paintings, book illuminations, as well as icons, mosaics and cloisonné work - though long misjudged, is now being assessed at its true worth.


edited by S.Zafiropoulos, 176 pgs, 98 color illustrations, 8.5x11, Cloth This richly illustrated volume juxtaposes words and images to produce a stunning celebration of 3000 years of Greek culture. Through imaginative pairings of poetry and works of art, the reader enters the world from which emerged the ideals of democracy and freedom.


by A.W. Lawrence, 432 pgs, 368 illustrations, 5.8x8.4, Paper This volume describes architecture in the Greek lands from the prehistoric settlements of Troy, the Minoan palaces of Crete and the Mycenean kingdoms, to the Hellenistic era.

GREEK ART $ 15.95

by John Boardman, 252 pgs, 5.9x8.3, Paper The beginnings of Western art are to be sought in the arts of Ancient Greece. Yet Greek art had its own beginnings too, and the author extends our knowledge of the subject much further than mere appreciation of the perfection of the masterpieces of Classical Athens.

GREEK ART $ 12.50

by Cook, 280 pgs, 5.1x7.7, Paper An examination of the art of the Greek world between the "Geometric" period of the early iron age to the first century BC.

GREEK ART: History of Art & Architecture $ 14.80

by W. H. Schuchhardt, 190 pgs, 6x8.5, over 100 photos, Paper No other culture has had such a fundamental influence on Western Art as that which flourished in Greece. Professor Schuchhardt discusses the characteristics of the various styles and the work of individual artists in vase paintings, sculpture & architecture.


by J.G. Pedley, 368 pgs, 449 color illustrations, 8x10, Cloth A comprehensive, exceptionally readable account with more illustrations than any other volume on the subject and a perspective that extends beyond mainland Greece.

GREEK GOLD $ 49.50

by D. Williams, 255 pgs, 8.9x11.1, 250 color photos, Cloth The consummate mastery of Greek goldsmiths and the beauty of their designs elevated jewerly in the Classical period to glorius artistic heights. Drawn from the unrivaled collections of the Hermitage , The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the British Museum, the works in this book represent jewerly produced throughout the Greek world.

THE GREEK MIRACLE, Classical Sculpture $ 49.50

by D. Buitron-Oliver, 168 pgs, 134 color illustrations, 9.4x12.3, Cloth The culture of the modern world is rooted in the legacy of ancient Greece. The golden age which gave birth to a new government that is still a model for the world today - democracy - also yielded unprecedented artistic creativity of a quality that has never been surpassed.

GREEK SCULPTURE, 2 volumes $ 56.00

by A. Stewart, 800 pgs, 900 illustrations, 8.5x11, Paper This extremely ambitious and original book of exceptional importance takes us into the world of Greek Art through word and picture, telling about the period, the background, the artists, the workshops, the customers, the literary sources about every aspect.

GREEK SCULPTURE: The Archaic Period $ 15.95

by John Boardman, 252 pgs, 5.8x8.2, Paper Greek art was the first ancient art to break free from conceptual conventions for representing men and animals, and to explore consciously how art imitates nature or even improves upon it.

GREEK SCULPTURE: The Classical Period $ 15.95

by John Boardman, 252 pgs, 5.8x8.2, Paper A comprehensive and accessible account of the major art of a unique and crucial period. The fifth century BC Greece saw the evolution of a style in the rendering of the human body that has influenced the history of Western art down to the present day.


by F.B. Tarbell, 295 pgs, 196 illustrat., 5.5x8.75, Cloth The emphasis is not upon the historical aspects of the subject, but has been written in the conviction that the greatest of all motives for studying art is the desire to become better acquainted with beautiful and noble things.


ACHILLEAS DROUNGAS, Paintings of $ 70.00

by Adam, 180 pgs, 120 color photographs, 10.2x10.2, Cloth (English & Greek) This large size deluxe edition contains the creations of the artist, in full color, from the beginning of his career to the present. The book develops the multi-faceted idiom of an artist of considerable importance, whose work constitutes a landmark in Greek painting.


edited by Doula Mouriki, 758 pgs, 585 halftones, 30 line illust., 9x12, Cloth The articles presented here, paying homage to Kurt Weitzmann, a renown historian, include studies of ancient, Late Antique, and Early Christian art; art and architecture in the medieval Latin West; and architecture, fresco painting, manuscript illumination, icons, sculpture, and works of minor art produced in Byzantium and neighboring areas.

CARAS, Drawings $ 70.00

by Adam, 160 pgs, 104 color photographs, 9.4x11.4, Cloth (English and Greek) Christos Caras's artistic interest is focused on creating a finished form which expresses itself clearly and directly.


by Haris Livas, 569 pgs, 6.3x9.3, Cloth Lively, witty essays introducing us to over 170 great Greek artists and their work. The author's scintillating text is generously illustrated with carefully chosen reproductions of the artists' work.

DIMITRIS MYTARAS, Paintings of $ 70.00

by Adam, 192 pgs, 110 color photographs, 10.2x10.2, Cloth (English and Greek) For the first time, the works of this great artist have been published in full color portraying the special quality and idiosyncrasy of the painter. The texts which accompany the works further clarify and explain the significance of the artistic contribution of the highly esteemed painter.

DIMITRIS MYTARAS, Drawings $ 70.00

by Adam, 192 pgs, 212 color photographs, 9.4x11.4, Cloth (English and Greek) Dimitris Mytaras, heir to the tradition of ancient Greek drawings, illustrates, through his fluid line, the unceasing flow of time.


By Adam, 328 pgs, 789 color photographs, 10.5x10.5, Cloth (English and Greek) A collection of the artist's work as a theatrical director, scene designer and writer.

EL GRECO $ 22.95

by L. Bronstein, 132 pgs, 69 color illustrations, 9.7x12.8, Cloth The paintings of Domenikos Theotokopoulos

FASIANOS $ 70.00

by Adam, 230 pgs, 180 color photographs, 10.2x10.2, Cloth (English and Greek) This important modern Greek painter, whose art combines audacity, inventiveness and a dreamlike quality, is presented in this book which follows the progress of his career through a series of paintings, in which he has created a world of poetry and fantasy.

FASIANOS, Drawings $ 70.00

by Adam, 192 pgs, 182 color photographs, 9.4x11.4, Cloth (English and Greek) Fasianos discovered the magic qualities of line, to which he gave bodily form, transforming the drawing into a symbol which, with a single movement, expresses synoptically meaningful concepts, ideas and inviolate creeds.

GIANNIS TSAROUXIS, Paintings of $ 70.00

by Adam, 242 pgs, 230 color photographs, 10.2x10.2, Cloth (English & Greek) This deluxe edition by D. Photopoulos presents a collection of objects created by the artist in his leisure time, during special moments of his life.

GIANNIS TSAROUXIS:1910-1989 Painting $ 130.00

The complete works of the artist.

GHIKA $ 67.00

by Adam, 228 pgs, 125 color photographs, 10.2x10.2, Cloth (English and Greek) The pioneer renovator of the visual arts in Greece and Teacher of many younger creators, Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas is presented to the reader through this book. His paintings and sculptured compositions follow the progressof a representative artistic course, which begun in 1931 and continued up to his death.


by E. Arapoglou, 322 pgs, 303 color photographs, 9.4x11.4, Cloth (English and Greek) 300 selected works of drawings and studies on subjects from Greek history and mythology, everyday scenes and vivid sketches from journeys to distant lands.

HAGIA SOPHIA: From The Age Of Justinian To Present $ 97.00

by R. Mark, 255 pgs, 8.7x11.3, Cloth This volume examines problems of form and structure related to one of the masterpieces of world architecture that have intrigued architects and engineers, as well as historians, for centuries.


by V.I. Atroshenko, 10.7x12.0, Illustrated, Cloth A survey of the spectacular thematic building tradition that for centuries has developed around the coast of the Mediterranean basin. A startingly simple, harmonius architectural system that is both functional and aesthetically rich.

MORALIS $ 69.00

278 pgs, 10.2x10.2, 279 color photographs, Cloth (English and Greek) 278 lavishly illustrated pages dedicated to the Master Painter, Yiannis Moralis, showing his most representative works, as they have rarely been seen to date. All the periods and styles, revealing the course of his artistic quest, from his early post-impressionist paintings to his cubistic and abstract works, are presented here, in a vast panorama which unfolds itself through the pages of the book.


228 pgs, 10.2x10.2, 198 color photographs, Cloth (English & Greek) The effective pictorial dialogue that the artist initiates, between the functioning work of art and the viewer, is familiar and instructive. His painting speak of the things we know, wit an elegiac grace, lighting up their unseen side. It is this which lends his art its attraction and its magic charm.


by Leo Bronstein, 301 pgs, 8.2x10.4, Cloth Through the art of classical Greece, Byzantium, Western Europe, Islam and culminating in the art of Spain, this book traces the West's perennial battle between totalitarian and pluralistic attitudes. The 156 illustrations range from Iberia to Knosos, Thessaloniki to Islam, from Western Europe to Central Asia and, finally to 16th century Spain.


228 pgs, 10.2x10.2, 156 color photographs, Cloth (English and Greek) The viewer-reader can accompany Katsoulides in his artistic course, from the time of his one-man show in 1960 to our day.

TSOCLIS $ 65.50

170 pgs, 152 color photographs, 10.2x10.2, Cloth (English and Greek) This work addresses itself not only to the eye but also to the touch, while the general appearance appeals to all the senses and transports the reader to the world of genuine works of art.
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