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by Dr. John Kallas, Please Specify IBM Compatible or Apple System
Software games on the History, Art, and Culture of Ancient Greece. Each disc contains 4 or 5 different games, which are designed for 1 to 3 players. Players are given a question and challenged to spell the correct answer. The answer is reinforced with information.

Greek Mythology contains $ 31.00

  1. The Birth of the Gods & Goddesses
  2. The Battle of the Titans
  3. The Olympian Gods & Goddesses
  4. The Minor Gods, Nymphs, & Monsters
Greek History & Culture contains $ 31.00
  1. The Theater
  2. The Age of Pericles
  3. Philosophers & Mathematicians
  4. The City States
  5. The Peloponnesian Wars
The Odyssey contains $ 31.00
  1. From Land of Lotus Eaters to Groves of Persephone
  2. From Circe to Phaeacia
  3. Telemachus & Penelope's Suitors
  4. Odysseus Returns to Ithaca
The Trojan War contains $ 31.00
  1. How the Trojan War Began
  2. The Greek Forces
  3. The Trojan Forces
  4. The Trojan War
  5. The Greeks Return Home

PERSEUS I.O, Interactive sources & Studies on Ancient Greece
A single computer disk, has 25 volumes of Greek text with English translation, a 35,000-word Greek dictionary and 6,000 photos and drawings of artifacts and arcaeological site.
Requirements: Macintosh computer with HyberCard 2.1.
CD-ROM $ 130.00
USER'S GUIDE $ 26.50

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